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  1. 1

    Beer 2014

    That stuff is awful. There definitely needs to be censing and apologies issued.
  2. 1


    Do spiders catch it too?
  3. 1


    Has she admitted to being "guilty"? I often wonder in things like this, is resignation enough or do they have to pay back tons of cash?
  4. Was just on the morning tv about some kind of volcanic activity at Zao. Albeit small. Whether it's just getting excited after the lack of forecast for Ontake or not...
  5. How much are bike helmets anyway?
  6. 1

    Ippy's Thailand

    The title needs to be changed though!!
  7. Pfft! Bought 6 Baskin Robbins chocolate 'sandwich' things yesterday to put in the freezer. Nice.
  8. Yes au say if something goes wrong to contact apple. These things of course though don't make the iphone to not be a smartphone!
  9. I enjoy beautiful onsen in a good hotel if I stay somewhere. The kind with saunas and the like too. gouka!
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    Let's just hope taxes rise again before our salaries do.


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