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  1. Manbags. Men should only have one bag, and they should keep it private!
  2. Some places are cutting the rice now I think.
  3. Sopranos was great loved that one. Watching The Wire at the moment. After that, I think next up is Season 8 of 24 which I haven't seen yet.
  4. Amazon is going to release a tablet that will have more functionality than the kindle which is basically just a reader. Will cost more and be more direct competition to the ipad.
  5. If you haven't already, click on that big red button near the top with Daily Reports written on it and see some of the archive reports for April from some of the popular places. You'll see most resort areas are closed by then with only limited left. If you are willing to hike etc, that's different but your beginners won't be interested in that will they...
  6. Are there firm plans for that station Max, or is it all just talk and still planning stage? Trying to imagine where it would go.
  7. It seems to have 'lost its way' in recent years somehow. Used to be a real place to be, did Kandatsu.
  8. Cowboys & Aliens........ disappointing. Didn't think it was much good at all.
  9. Way too early to tell now. Though the signs for Arsenal are not too good at all are they. They go to Man Utd this weekend, should be a good game to watch.
  10. You can get Star Wars and Indiana Jones lego now!
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