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  1. That was on the local news in Chiba yesterday too I hear. Oh well, what can you do. Yous make your choice....
  2. That left hand part looks like Niseko and then Hakuba!
  3. Following on from my highly rated and popular "Steepest bits in Shiga Kogen", here's a follow up. Steepest bits in Yuzawa area anyone?
  4. Reviews for Apes not out yet. They are really keeping them until release... sometimes a bad sign.
  5. OK I have a question. Shiga Kogen. Big place hey? I was wondering if people who have been there can give a few tips on where the steeper runs are. Preferably ones without moguls all over the shop. Thanks
  6. 3DS is fail? ----- Nintendo 3DS Gets Sudden, Massive Price Drop Boy, those 3DS sales sure fell off a cliff. So much so that Nintendo has instituted one of the swiftest and deepest price cuts for a handheld in recent memory. The 3DS only went on sale earlier this year for $249, but as of August 12, it'll be slashed all the way down to $169.99. That's...wow. "For anyone who was on the fence about buying a Nintendo 3DS, this is a huge motivation to buy now," Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime says of the move. "We are giving shoppers every incentive to pick
  7. If only that was in front of me now. Good going tubby b
  8. I used to have a few parking spaces but they cost more than that for a few weeks
  9. It's not really a surprise is it though. I'm waiting to hear what's next. Happily in a place where the ground is stable and far far away from all that. I'm enjoying a recharge period of my life. Hope I can get back though.
  10. Not good at all. I am still not sleeping well and quite a few times waking up in a sweaty panic after having really bad dreams about earthquakes. I'm worried about my state of mind. I will be leaving Japan on Friday so really looking forward to that as I need to get out.
  11. If I'm still in Japan, I will try and get to Sonic.
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