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  1. I wonder why some things take an age and some don't. (Difference in cost aside, meaning more logistics. Do they just get left in the corner for a bit?)
  2. We can only hope prices keep on rising!
  3. What's an 'inter-sex man'? ..... Speaking to The Independent, Facebook’s policy director in the UK Simon Milner said: “It’s all about Facebook enabling people to be themselves, and making users feel comfortable in how they express themselves and how they talk about the issues that matter to them.” Mr Milner said that the social network had worked with two UK organizations - Press For Change and Gendered Intelligence - to select the new options, and that additional terms added specifically for the UK market included intersex man, asexual, and hermaphrodite.
  4. Never got why that was apparently so popular.
  5. Is anyone surprised? They perfect the art of underperforming and not meeting expectations.
  6. This would be good. Is it possible: Connect a HDD to my existing notebook. Have it so that every file I save automatically also gets saved to the HDD. (So I have an instant backup) ?
  7. Only thing I am booking will be a week in Nozawa in mid February. I will probably get that done after summer, no rush. Going to be 12th-18th Feb.
  8. You are correct, veronica! It is indeed. Here's the other photo I was going to post Over to you veronica
  9. I prefer the Korean girl groups if I had to choose. Less "kawaii" and more grown up. Can't stand the pervy school kid cut kind of thing going on with most Japanese girl "groups" like this.
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