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  1. ILoveZao

    Zao and the area

    Hi Calvin You're right in that there's no other large ski-jo in the region. Personally I think Liza World is worth a look, less so the Sarukura. I'd probably look at the idea of relocating in another region after staying in Zao for a bit.
  2. ILoveZao

    The 'it doesn't feel like Japan' scale!

    'Inbound' has been growing quickly in Zao in recent seasons, especially it would seem with guests coming from Asia. Noticeable increase this last season.
  3. ILoveZao

    Kuriko Kokusai (Yamagata)

    The facilities are all still there as far as I know. Whether there is a chance of a re-open, I do not know. Doesn't seem to be any rumors or info about that around.
  4. ILoveZao

    Gassan - worth a shufty?

    A friend mentioned to me that there's less snow than usual up there this season. Which seems entirely reasonable considering there's less than usual in nearby areas, including Zao.
  5. ILoveZao

    Yamagata city to Zao Onsen

    Yes, think around 45 minutes by bus, 30 minutes or so by car from the city area.
  6. ILoveZao

    Gassan - worth a shufty?

    I agree with Metabo Oyaji - it can be fun, but go knowing generally what to expect. I have just enjoyed escaping heat as much as anything when I have been!
  7. ILoveZao

    Make Me Laugh...Please..!

    Sorry to hear that news Chriselle. Gambatte, Ti-kun!
  8. I wish there were more places closer to Zao; it's a bit isolated in a way which I think puts some people off.
  9. Saw your two reports MO. Very nice, thank you for sharing them. I am usually really busy this time of year and never seem to get over there. I think I'd like to go when it first opens.
  10. ILoveZao

    Golden Week 2014

    Looking forward to the 4 day long weekend though.
  11. For sure. Didn't have any worrying situations this year. But perhaps that is me getting a bit older and not pushing.
  12. Zao has had an interesting and somewhat odd season. Lots of snow later on, the monsters were rained on in early February but made an impressive come back. The snow has stuck around for longer than usual.


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