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  1. Sorry to hear that news Chriselle. Gambatte, Ti-kun!
  2. I wish there were more places closer to Zao; it's a bit isolated in a way which I think puts some people off.
  3. Saw your two reports MO. Very nice, thank you for sharing them. I am usually really busy this time of year and never seem to get over there. I think I'd like to go when it first opens.
  4. Looking forward to the 4 day long weekend though.
  5. For sure. Didn't have any worrying situations this year. But perhaps that is me getting a bit older and not pushing.
  6. Zao has had an interesting and somewhat odd season. Lots of snow later on, the monsters were rained on in early February but made an impressive come back. The snow has stuck around for longer than usual.
  7. Monsters have recovered a bit actually. It's not fun up there when there's huge winds even if the ropeway is open. Best to try and come when nicer weather is forecast -- if you can, of course.
  8. Born close to ski lifts so it was easy for me. Wasn't atually my choice, come to think of it!
  9. I very much dislike people who cover up the bad bits, lie about things and just go over the top with everything being epic - when it isn't. Great to be excited when it is.
  10. ....and do some ski jumping as well! I heard Tubby was always up on that ski jump flying off come evening time.
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