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  1. From that photo, it looks like the valley might spit you out back to the resort, or at least close to.... Might have to take a peek at a contour map once someone HURRIES UP AND GETS THIS PLACE!
  2. Dunno... But I like the look of that valley up the right hand side!
  3. Yeah, man! The resort map looks awesome! Plenty to keep you entertained that's for sure...
  4. According to Reddit, this is where the drop happened -Telluride Ski Resort, CO.
  5. Cheers u-tan! Being in Niigata you might recognise one or two of those spots!
  6. It looks like boot prints where people have pulled up before the cliff and hiked back up round skiers right to safety... Don't know what the dude was thinking... I was expecting an avalanche vid when I first clicked on the clip, but oh no....
  7. Woah... A reminder to always stay on your toes when off in unknown terrain...
  8. Yeah, I mean as far as I can tell from the YouTube vids of Red Mountain tree lines, I think you'd definitely find stuff to keep you entertained in and around Nagano/Niigata... You probably won't get lines anywhere near as long though -especially lift accessed... Here's a vid of my favourite slackcountry lines from a few seasons ago... Having no idea what a double black is like I can't comment, but at least you'll get the gist perhaps of some of the lift-accessed terrain available here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM5o_7rjl-4
  9. Don't think so... On the satelite photo it says that area is Katashina Miyahara(?) Ski-jo...
  10. BINGO! It is indeed Annupuri, and it most certainly is on the island of Japan!
  11. Nope... Nope... More nope... Big clue: I'm standing on the ridgeline down the center of this pic...
  12. Ha! I can't remember if you were there that day or not! So better say, "No"! Nope... Nope... And nope! Clue #2: Not Nagano, and not Gunma...
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