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  1. SnowJapan#Andrew

    Close connections between ski-jo

    Iwappara gondola - if my memory is correct it was (is?) owned and operated by Kokudo, ie. Prince. I think originally it was even a separate lift ticket. It hasn't been operating since 2007 but the facilities are still in place. I remember hearing back when it first closed that it needed some kind of maintenance but they never did it, and it has just remained closed. I have been in the area since 1992 and can’t ever remember that gondola being busy when it was operating. The other lifts of Iwappara pretty much cover the resort. The gondola always seemed superfluous. In the coming months I’ll ask around, see if we can solve these mysteries!
  2. SnowJapan#Andrew

    Close connections between ski-jo

    I have always been fascinated by the Iwappara / Maiko thing. There's an unused pair lift at Iwappara that gets real close to Maiko (top of the lift is close to the top of the now unused Iwappara Gondola); there's the big band of trees that seem to have been felled between the two areas in the vicinity of that lift; the top Iwappara Gondola station is very close and can clearly be seen from Maiko. The gap between the two really is negligible. And there's that seemingly meaningless road that goes up from the side of Iwappara (near the gondola base) and ends up round the back of the Okusoeji bowl area of Maiko. I remember hearing that the Yuzawa Park people funded that road, though I'm really dusting off some faded recollections of conversations there. Good on a bike! They used to have some cows up there at Okusoeji in the summer months. It seems to be one of those things where you can ask 10 people and you get 10 different stories. Even locals who work for the ski resorts themselves. Over the years I have heard so many different variations that you can just call me confused on the details. One day, I really will do some proper research to find out the full proper story. I want to know!
  3. Yes, I would add that. I remember making the first posts on the Forums a long time ago. That seems like a lifetime ago and there are certainly a lot of Forums-related memories - some great...some not so! It's a real mix up of feelings behind this decision, but we always come back to the same answer when we have thought this all through... A real thank you to the people who have genuinely supported the Forums over the years - I don't mean by just taking part, but helping out in other ways. That has been really appreciate it and we really do hope you keep in touch. For folk like that we really do wish we could continue, but as you might expect it's just not as simple as that. David has also said it but we are not going anywhere, we'll be busy working away on the site and doing what we can to get good information out there. That hasn't changed one bit. The hope is that we will be able to do some of the things that we have at times held back due to having to deal with 'issues' on the Forums. One thing though - if we ever look like we're going to say "Book Now", especially in capitals, please someone come up to Niigata and give us a big slap and shake us out of it. Don't worry, that's not going to happen.
  4. SnowJapan#Andrew

    Please help me with car ideas

    METAL, kind of 恥ずかしい I'm not well up on car details - actually not that interested. I just like ones that look nice and drive well. Oh yes, and good sound system is a must. I had the default speakers replaced and a subwoofer put under the drivers seat. These things are extemely important. Something to do with rear wheel drive and not being 4wd.
  5. SnowJapan#Andrew

    Please help me with car ideas

    I did indeed... until I changed it. Was getting a bit old. That one was ok through the winter though.
  6. SnowJapan#Andrew

    Please help me with car ideas

    634-maru, i have a BRZ and I love it. But, it's not a snow country winter car! Thanks to a local friend, I drive a K car in the winter months while the BRZ has a long sleep in the garage. Something of a comedown, but for me it's worth it to enjoy driving the BRZ April to November. Wouldn't be driving in winter though. Do contact me if you want to know more.
  7. We haven't decided what we're going to do with this kind of thing next season. We'll let people know around November.
  8. There's probably various things we could do 'to (try to) make lots of money', doesn't mean that I and my colleagues wish to spend our lives doing them though. Travel agency kind of work has absolutely no appeal to me, so you won't be seeing that here any time soon.
  9. SnowJapan#Andrew

    Gaikokujin bikkuri!

    You're right on that. But I'm pretty sure I recall him asking on the phone if I could use chopsticks and how it would be interesting to viewers if when I had lunch it was eating with them and that kind of stuff. I can well imagine they would have wanted to add in as much igirisu puppet nonsense in there as possible.
  10. SnowJapan#Andrew

    Gaikokujin bikkuri!

    Well done Chriselle! A number of times I have been asked to do some silly tv stuff. The worst one was a Niigata local station that wanted to do a 'gambatte iru' gaikokujin piece. They explained to me that it would take half a day, they wanted to come to the office and film me talking on the phone (!), eating lunch (!!), drinking coffee, talking to unspecified locals apparently about anything, and typing on the computer keyboard (!!!). No kidding. Perhaps come into my home too. Er, no, I don't think so. Just the idea of it horrifies me!
  11. I'm afraid that even with only the briefest of information we were told, we all had to sign complicated NDAs. They wouldn't let us out of the room otherwise.
  12. My wife and I were at the local neighborhood annual meeting today. Part of the huge resort complex that is Mt Granview is in our neighborhood so there were a few Mt Granview related things, some of which I cannot reveal at this time (as you might expect). It was funny though, at the nomikai part at the end when the beer and sake was flowing, I overheard one of the old guys mentioning to my wife next to me how they were really surprised at the number of foreigners at Mt Granview this year. (I don't think he knew what I did or anything like that, he just came up with it).
  13. As seen here, I think Mick came down on that left course...


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