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Found 104 results

  1. OK so I visited Yuzawa and spend a good half day at Ishiuchi Maruyama. Enjoyed it, especially up top. That new gondola/six person lift though. It's very shiny and new and expensive looking what with the heated seats and everything, but I couldn't help feel... what's the point? It's pretty short and doesn't even go up to half way up the mountain. It must have been expensive. Keen to hear any thoughts on... why?!
  2. Yuzawa Snow Link in has joined SnowJapan with a new Resort Spotlight page. You can find all of the information here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/yuzawa-snow-link
  3. (MYOKO) Ski & Snowboard School Information on Go Myoko Adventures in Myoko, Niigata can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/go-myoko-adventures
  4. Happily.Adopted.Lobster

    GALA Yuzawa on a weekend

    A number of years back I visited GALA Yuzawa on a Saturday. It was mad busy and put me off, but read things muikabochi and others said about it being much better on weekdays. Any feedback from, say, last season? Cheers
  5. Hi! I see that Iwappara in Yuzawa town and Joetsu Kokusai in Minamiuonuma city seem to have a 'joint ticket' and various tie-ups. What's the story there? You can't ski both in a day can you (or would you), they're a 30 minute or so ride from each other, right?
  6. FujiRockMan

    Naeba & Kagura

    Planning on a visit to Niigata in winter and excited at the prospect of seeing Naeba with snow. I see Kagura is a really popular place with a long season and what looks like great snow conditions. Does it usually beat out Naeba? We are wondering whether it might be best to stay in Naeba or perhaps in the main Yuzawa town area. Anyone with thoughts, would love to hear them. Cheers.
  7. Hi! Here at Fuji Rock Festival. Enjoying but hiding from the rain for a bit. The heat though! Sweaty!!!! It's hard to believe that in 5 months you can apparently ski and snowboard on the slopes where our tent is. Just fake news right? Hoping the rain stops.
  8. Accommodation Information on Bears House in Ishiuchi, Minamiuonuma, Niigata can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/niigata/minamiuonuma/bears-house
  9. Hi Would you advise against taking a beginner to Kagura in Yuzawa? (Especially in the next week or two in this last season?) Thanks
  10. Hello Next year Japan! Whooooo-hoooooo! It's way off but I'm drilling down the details. We are going to be spending a week or so in Yuzawa and hope to try a bunch of the ski places around there. Want to go to Joetsu Kokusai but not clear to us the best way to get there. Anyone who has experience able to shed light on that? It seems to have a small station on the local line but not sure if that or the bus is best. Thanks!
  11. Hi I am interested in going to Charmant Hiuchi in Niigata when I am in Myoko. It looks like I kind of need a car (or a friend with a car) but thought I might just see if there are any public transport ways to get there I am missing. Thanks for any help.
  12. Hi! Not as question as such, hope that is ok! I have decided to have one last day of the season and Kagura in Yuzawa is the place. I plan to be going on Monday. So if anyone else is going or thinking of going, let's meet up. I'll be at Mitsumata Ropeway for the first lift of the day. Let's Kagura.
  13. I used to go to Arai (in Niigata, to the north of Myoko) a bit way back when. Last season my friend went to the newly re-opened Arai and said that while the facilities were impressive and all brand new, it was very very quiet. Anyone get there this last season? I wonder how much of a success they can make of it. Will be trying to go myself next winter.
  14. I'll be in Niigata city next winter and stoked that I'll be so close to the snow. My research tells me that the big two areas of Niigata are the Yuzawa area and the Myoko areas. And there's some to the north that are closer, but smaller scale. Any top tips from anyone else in Niigata? I'm a skier. Better than beginner not as good as expert! ;) Can't wait!
  15. We're going to be visiting Yuzawa in Niigata for the first time in March and looking for a bit of feedback. First of all a few of us in our group are struggling beginners. What place would people recommend for that? Also, for the more advanced skiers in our group, we're interested in knowing which ski hills will be less busy/crowded? Thanks for any feedback.
  16. We are visiting Tokyo again in late March so hoping to maybe have a day or two in Yuzawa. Where do you think would be best around then? Thank you.
  17. Greetings, I am planning to go to Naeba tomorrow, March 1st in the evening, and return back on March 3 also in the evening. I plan to take the Kanetsu Expressway and then the Tsukiono by-pass, (hwy 17 or Mikuni Hwy), until I get to Naeba. My concern is the requirement to have chains at the North exit of the Kannetsu Tunnel, and when the road elevation increases by Lake Ayase into Naeba. Today is raining here in Tokyo. Please let me know how it was at night for those who travelled today during the rain. If it is not a snowy day, do they still require chains at the tunnel exit? Not sure what the weather will be like for Friday but I want to have an idea of what is like now and tonight. I have regular tires and because of almost end of Winter, I am having a hard time finding chains. Thanks.
  18. Hi I'm looking forward to going to Kagura in a few weeks for the first time. Wondering where to start off Mitsumata or Tashiro and keen to hear any thoughts on that. Thx
  19. Guy Zudkevich

    Myoko seasonal

    Hi there We are a couple looking to spend 1-2 months snowboarding in Japan (January 2020 and maybe February as well). We are want to experience the powder japan is famous , experience ‘authentic Japanese’ and also stay on budget. After tons of reading we are thinking about Myoko and we have a few questions: Do Myoko ski resorts allow off piste skiing/ snowboard ? Is Myoko a good place to go to snowboard some good deep powder ? Does Myoko have any joint seasonal ski pass with other ski resorts in Japan? Is Myoko a good place to stay on low budget ? Of course we would love to hear recommendations about other ski resorts that will suit us Thanks !
  20. Konnichi-wa We are going to Yuzawa next week. I hope it snows before then! Can someone help. Is there a bus that goes directly between GALA Yuzawa and the NASPA hotel? Thanks in advance.
  21. (YUZAWA) Jobs Available / Employment Information on jobs available at Snow Country Instructors in Yuzawa, Niigata can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-general-information/employment-opportunites-at-snow-country-instructors
  22. (YUZAWA) Jobs Available / Employment Information on jobs available at Naeba Snow School in Naeba, Yuzawa, Niigata can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-general-information/employment-opportunites-at-naeba-snow-school
  23. (NAEBA) Jobs Available / Employment Information on jobs available at Lodge Kashiwagi in Naeba, Yuzawa, Niigata can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-general-information/employment-opportunites-at-lodge-kashiwagi
  24. (YUZAWA) Ski & Snowboard School Information on Snow Country Instructors in Yuzawa, Niigata can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/snow-country-instructors
  25. (YUZAWA) Ski & Snowboard School Information on NASPA Ski Garden in Yuzawa, Niigata can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/naspa-ski-garden-lessons


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