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  1. They are all scum of the earth.
  2. The menus on car navis here are just terrible in my experience. So disjointed and maddeningly.... crappy.
  3. Always feels like a scam, but as there's nowt that can be done other than probably banging your head against a wall it's best to just cough up and forget asap.
  4. Great film that. But was expecting an old dude in the library of the prison with a pet crow, rather than a mouse. I think I'm mixing my movies up.
  5. I have a few questions! ---Do you take the test at the Driving School? (And do your instructors judge you, or someone different?) --When you pass, do you get your licence there and then? Keen to hear about how the test is...
  6. There's definitely some sort of conspiracy going on here. Got to be.
  7. Looked at them in the shop over the weekend. The bigger one is a bit too big for me, the 4.7 just about right I reckon.
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