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  1. My grandmother used to have like purple hair sometimes, she liked it more than just grey. She had young heart!
  2. I have friend who is working 7 months in year for saving money atwinter. In winter he travel all over Honshu for skiing, sometimes part time in one place short time. How do you say he living for winter.
  3. It was springtime in Nozawa at weekend. But I enjoyed it even though.
  4. Thank you! do I like cheese?!? I had good weekend in Nozawa, but feeling springtime. Where did you goin?
  5. sugoi, I want 1 month holiday but I never see it.
  6. All I can saying English is I hope I am never becoming obatarian.
  7. Recently I am listening Marroon 5 cd, it's good I think.
  8. I am sometimes sleeping on train. I don't know why, but can waking up vorrect time
  9. I like going by the car easy to find route and straight there. Sometimes train andbus is very inconvenient.
  10. thank you many post! I'm surprised. I will come here many time, tomorrow I go Nagano.
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