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  1. Originally Posted By: Mamabear Me either. I think you mean "Me neither." Honestly, where did you learn to speak English? Oh, wait, I see... Bloody Ozzies. Now what was this thread about again?
  2. They are pretty good, as long as you put the milk in first.
  3. Originally Posted By: tsondaboy A wood core made in China does not have the same quality as a wood core made in Aspen. The problem is, you don't know what core your manufacturer actually uses. So I guess its like saying, who would you trust to buy a board from. I think you mean a core made of Aspen is better than a core made of China. Seriously you are mixing your metaphors (despite not using any) - boards are made IN China, and OF Aspen. To be safe, stay away from boards made by Royal Doulton. Good boards are flourescent.
  4. AET - I am at a JHS and the same problem is there too, although rarely talked about (and certainly not infront of the students!). I am going to steer clear of the off-topic ranting about home countries - other than to note that it shows that there are similar problems in most countries, it seems. The Japan problem is one that can be read in several ways: 1) It shows the lingering effects of economic recession. There are some families out there who genuinely can't afford to pay, and I was suprised in such a high tax-and-spend society as Japan, there is no state welfare for means-tes
  5. David Benedek does 124 km/h trying to get enougfh speed to clear a step-up/over jump in the dvd '91 Words for Snow' on a snowboard - alot scarier than on skis. As a proportion of that... that's 77mph, so I reckon maybe I've gone about 50mph / 80 kmph tops, when air forces itslef in through all your (closed) zips, and the board starts lifting if the nose catches the air ... but this is meaningless as it depends on the conditions, and whether you can still ride at that speed, or if you're just flailing out of control and in danger of killing someone. I'd rather be able to ride at 20k
  6. Oh hello!!! Oyuki, you have competition in the no-binding shred stakes! Buy I recon it's pretty close!
  7. The people who leave all the rubbish on Everest cannot be considered 'Mountaineers' in my head. Leaving all that crap just contradicts too many tenets of mountaineering.
  8. In the UK automatics are generally for the elderly, the disabled or those who lack the co-ordination to pass their driving test in a manual (seriously, a well-meaning garage mechanic asked a friend if his wife had had some kind of accident, as her car at that time was an auto! lol.) I think manuals are safer - apart from the control on snow, going downhill, etc, they make you think about your speed more, like, why are you in that gear / at that speed. Auto drivers (in Japan, anyway, it seems) like to stay in cruise control - meaning too slow on the straights and too fast and loose in the
  9. My first go was Level 10, total points 363,625, Travel IQ 110. I was 12,000 short of the 50,000 needed to get level 11 though - and I didn't get any Australian state capitals, as that would have stumped me! All down to my ex-gf who was very knowledgable. Oyuki - 'cracking level 6' !!! You should be ashamed (the rest of you who got to level 6 are fine, but Oyuki reads books and stuff) try reading a map instead of vegan literature! lol!
  10. Especially when they could order a genuine Noboard pad from someone cool... like Kuma! and buy an old season Fish from the auctions. I didn't though. As I'm still trying to learn to snowboard.
  11. Originally Posted By: samurai A buddy of mine just got the fish. loves it. Says it's the most versatile powder board ever. Apparently the hardpack performance rocks. Winner: Most sarcastic comment in thread. Prize: A mogul skiing holiday in Eastern Europe.
  12. ride definately have an annual graphics competition, and a few other companies do too. Ok, my first reaction was.. this is a gimmick and the boards will be rubbish, If he just wants to do the graphics, but you want a decent board, then buy a used decent one with a plain top sheet and get cutting with sharp knife and spray paints - stencil art. ... but having lookied at the website, the boards seem alright - they have a 3 year warranty which is longer than big companies, and they look like proper snowboards. The construction may even be better than big name brands made in China boards
  13. Now I love food. And I love Japanese food. But calling Okonomiyaki 'great food' is like saying chips, beans and cheese (french fries, with tinned baked beans and processed cheese on top) from the kebab van is great food. I like Okonomiyaki, but it's just cheap stodge - just like the kind of 'heavy stodgy food' that Japanese people like to complain about when they go abroad!
  14. Originally Posted By: oo He does seem rather unconcerned.... He is French.
  15. ahhh, if it's a pipe camp, then that place would make a bit more sense - pipes usually sit on steeper slopes than kickers.
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