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  1. I want to work less. I think I'm prepared to earn less - not that I earn a ton now - but just want the quality of life of not being stressed about work so much.
  2. I just got a call 10 minutes ago. A business/work-related call. On my mobile phone. Not urgent. At 9:45pm! To me, that's just not on. Is it generally accepted here (the guy is Japanese)? I might have to turn my phone off - or not tell people - if this might be happening more! I won't call people I know after 9pm unless I know that they are ok with that and/or are real close friends.
  3. If you don't need one and it's not a problem at all, and you want one - why not have one? Thats what I think.
  4. I saw Frost Nixon last night. Really good I though. Didn't really know the story.
  5. I had a go on that ages ago when it just started. Wasn't very accurate then but I guess it has improved a lot since then. I wouldn't mind trying something like that out.
  6. But more difficult to have to dig up to fix than something overhead. Just for the sake of argument...
  7. Dusty rooms Stayed in a place in Shizuoka last week, it wasn't expensive but it was really quite nasty.
  8. I thought about putting this in the laptops are programmed to die thread but thought this deserved it's own. OK coming through customs and the old "you've got to take your laptop out to go through screening" routine. Staff are rough and there's a big scratch on the top casing now. What to do? I was in a bit rush and put in a complaint but am wondering what I can do now. It was 100% because the staff were not taking care of my machine when moving it into those carton things and I'm not happyhappy.
  9. It's brilliant. Make sure you ride evening time too!
  10. A BUILDER was stunned when he discovered the 'ghostly image' of Michael Jackson on his car bonnet — just 13 hours after his death. Dad-of-two Gary Sloggett, 43, had taken some pics of his Rover 200 for a car sales magazine on June 26. But when he uploaded the snaps on to his computer he was shocked to see the King of Pop — who died the day before of a heart attack — staring back at him. The full spooky details here http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2536406/Ghost-of-Jacko-snapped-on-car.html
  11. I have sharply different views from this woman and her way of thinking really scares me. Still can't believe we were so close to having her as VP.
  12. I don't mind a bit of fat on meat but sometimes here it is taken to an extreme. Ever had one of those katsudons where the meat/fat ratio is probably something like 10/90. That's no good.
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