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  1. I bet my mate James Brownell would go in for a pair if you shoot him a berg stunts..
  2. i would think that hakuba is the best bet... read the recent reports on Hakuba Now (sounds like at least hakuba 47 & tsugaike are open to the bottom) and Hakuba Guide (http://www.snowjapan.com/e/hakuba-guide/index.html) on getting there from Nagoya (recently described on these very forums as the "sweaty armpit of Japan").
  3. i think you're still confusing depreciation from an accounting perspective with losses, but anyway, assessing the tax benefits from the subprime crisis is not only completely pointless but it's starting to feel a lot like work. in summary triptaka, i think it's hard to say that the aussies have no idea about japanese property etc when you have no idea how they are financing it, what the yields are, and if they are able to offset taxes (and potentially their mortgages) etc through depreciation. saying that japanese land prices have been sh*tty for the last 15 years is stating the painfully ob
  4. Originally Posted By: Kingofmyrrh Originally Posted By: tripitaka SNP, I asked a friend who owns an apartment building in Japan for investment purposes, and he doesn't know anything about being able to claim depreciation as a cost for tax rebates. Also, you cannot do it in NZ for property investment, but you might be able to do so if you are running a business of which the building/property is not the core business, i.e., a restuaurant. You should probably take into consideration the fact that in Japan being able to depreciate structures like this is not a glitch - it reflects the fa
  5. Originally Posted By: OkemoLoon snp are you going to be back for golden week? think so. depends on snow.
  6. tson, how you going on the splitboard? makes me nervous when i feel the middle edges catch on hardpack...
  7. i would argue that the backcountry SHOULD be full of knuckleheads being led by guiding operations with choppers. could you imagine the demand if this were marketed the right way with the japan the primary destination for asian heli-skiing? there are plenty of places that it just doesn't make sense to hike into that would be ideal for this kind of usage. having them located in middle of a major mountaineering area with probably the most densely populated backcountry in the area is obviously f--king stoopid, but that's not to say it wasn't a step in the right direction. hopefully t
  8. i'm not an accountant or a lawyer, but there are different depreciation schedules for different ages and types of structures. I've heard of Japanese depreciation schedules on old wooden strucures as low as 6 years! I think new wooden structures is 20 years and concrete is 40 years. New rules in 2007 abolished the law that you had to leave 10% of the residual value in a home. The breakdown between land / building is negotiated between buyer and seller with the buyer clearly incentivized to boost the building portion of sale price and the seller disincentivized by the meagre 5% consumption t
  9. Originally Posted By: tripitaka SNP, land prices are only one component of the costs of owning a property. Talk to anyone who has an understanding of Japanese property and they will know what I'm talking about. Successful property investors are usually developers, not buyers. Dude, I'm well aware of the fact that real estate in japan has seen deflationary prices for the last 15 years or so, but to argue that no one has made money in japanese real estate is absurd. I will also just point out that real estate isn't entirely about capital gains and japan has fairly high rental yields given
  10. triptaka don't be a coconut. The nationwide land px survey was out on March 24th... Nationwide 2007 residential land prices increased 1.3% (+0.1% in 2006) and commercial land prices increased 3.8% (+2.3%) for a second year of nationwide land price growth after prices ended their 16-year downtrend in 2006. Growth slowed in the three major metropolitan areas and major regional centers in 2H 2007 and prices appear to have quickly approached ceiling levels. Private-sector surveys have showed that residential land prices in Tokyo's 23 wards fell in the Oct 2007-Jan 2008 period, so the latest
  11. Originally Posted By: thursday. I don't think the remote is at all plausible Originally Posted By: thursday. I propose a midget be strung beneath the craft Originally Posted By: thursday. going back to it, [training a monkey] is not at all a bad suggestion. thursday. you are smoking crack
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