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  1. I'm out of the game now actually, but I used to think year by year was short term. Every three months is a bit eye-opening.
  2. 13th January for a week in Hakuba. Not quite sure where yet. But there seems no need to rush with the booking.
  3. So, it's like work then! How easy/hard is it to get such things in Japan?
  4. Don't they expect you to go to the undokai, Tubby?
  5. I'm interested in this LAN thing. For those of us totally non technical, how does that work?
  6. A friend of mine goes on a school visit to a school that has 7 students - in the whole school! - and there are 5 staff. Anyone able to beat that!? Wonder how many countries that would still be continuing in?
  7. Does your school only start then TB? Or is that when you are summoned? I think it depends on the region. Some already back, some Wednesday. I am back tomorrow.
  8. 2 more days for me, back to work on Wednesday.
  9. Question to students: "Why do you like [enter boy band name]?" Answers: "Becasue they are good dancers" "Beacase fancy Kenji-kun" Liking the music often comes low on the list.
  10. I'm still going to enter the Giveaway though and hope to stay there for 3 nights
  11. They never seem to work. Difficult to read. Pain in the arse really. Beginning to tell people I don't have a fax machine just so they won't be tempted to send.
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