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  1. Which country has the "best" students, ippy?
  2. The mountains are pretty but the towns are BLOODY UGLY!!! Put that on the telly will ya!!
  3. I heard there's a few people going to be spending the season there.
  4. Not bad is it that. Wonder what they do with the old ones..
  5. Try some of the horrible happoshus and stuff. There's plenty of shit around if you want it. Most decent stuff is 4%+ though.
  6. "The little Japanese man" (as I just read in a report) did well in the tennis didn't he.
  7. OK in yen Looked at a t-shirt UK site - 16 quid Japan site - 2084 yen Actually that's a fair bit less than the exchange rate would suggest, so perhaps the 20% is taken off before they convert?
  8. I'm interested to see what the deal is with this, if only because I can't see myself being interested in a watch.
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