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  1. 7-11

    Ippy's Thailand

    Which country has the "best" students, ippy?
  2. The mountains are pretty but the towns are BLOODY UGLY!!! Put that on the telly will ya!!
  3. 7-11

    Cho-yummy things

    Looks good to me that!
  4. I heard there's a few people going to be spending the season there.
  5. Not bad is it that. Wonder what they do with the old ones..
  6. 7-11

    Beer 2014

    Try some of the horrible happoshus and stuff. There's plenty of shit around if you want it. Most decent stuff is 4%+ though.
  7. 7-11

    This is rock n' roll

    Why doesn't he just get some drums!
  8. "The little Japanese man" (as I just read in a report) did well in the tennis didn't he.
  9. OK in yen Looked at a t-shirt UK site - 16 quid Japan site - 2084 yen Actually that's a fair bit less than the exchange rate would suggest, so perhaps the 20% is taken off before they convert?
  10. Do they charge in yen on the site or GBP?
  11. 7-11


    I'm interested to see what the deal is with this, if only because I can't see myself being interested in a watch.
  12. When's this funked up rain situation going to ease off I wonder.


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