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  1. thanks for the info guys! great options I would never have found otherwise cheers
  2. hi guys we are coming over from Australia to ski at xmas time and not sure what us tourists do regarding using our phone to call home etc. when reading up on it they say international roaming on your phone is very expensive and getting a sim card in japan is not the way to go cause you have to be a citizen I think?? can anyone offer some advice on what they have done as I am now very confused! thanks
  3. Thanks Manfredk appreciate the tips its these little things that make all the difference
  4. what do you mean by new year holiday is it just the standard public holiday for new years, cause we will be there at that time
  5. my kids are 11 and 9 and are ten times better than me at skiing although they are trying snowboarding for the first time this trip - definitely having lessons though otherwise I would be skiing at any other ski field if they were let loose on their own.!!!
  6. WOW!! what time of the day was that? did you ski at any of the other ski fields and if so was it like that at the others? can you go from happo to goryu using the same lift ticket?
  7. we are going in early January for just over a week doing all the stuff the tourists do.so hopefully can get as much out of the trip as possible. also how busy are the slopes at this time of year as a novice to intermediate once I get my mojo happening if someones stopped mid run I tend to have great difficulty going around them. I see you have just been over any tips on traditional japanese restaurants for a family with kids looking for a more relaxed environment and not too expensive also what do all you guys do for lunch on the mountain I see there are quite a few places but whats the best a
  8. I cant wait!!!! we are all booked up and ready to go but can this year go any slower??? I love reading all the chats about the ski resorts and am desperate to experience skiing in japan for myself even if I am going to a more populated place - you gotta start somewhere and I'm starting in hakuba where we go next time is anyones guess but keep up all your info certainly getting a few ideas for future trips - thanks people
  9. thanks guys! great to here he's being serious for once so what are they called and do you buy them separately and just place them there or are they already inserted in clothing??
  10. my kids are doing snowboarding for the first time this year and hubby reckons you can get padding for your bottom!! is he having a go at me or is it true??
  11. thanks everyone not sure what I was expecting I thought it had locals living there all year round so would have clothes shops and just general shops that the locals would use that might be different than in Australia?
  12. going to be staying in hakuba over new years and not sure if everything shuts down for the day in town or are most of the shops open? -would be a good day to look around with the kids if everything is. thanks
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