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  1. Hi All Long time away from the forums here for me (7 years or so), but revisting Japan this year. Wondering as I now have a 6&4 year old (the six year old can ski off piste and trees and the 4 year old can ski greens and a bit of blue comfortably) whether anyone has experience with the Hilton ski school and whether they speak English. Also a heads up on likely snow conditions at Higayashima in late March would be appreciated. I recall Higay get slushing as it faces the sun and thats getting late I think (but skiing late is better than not at all) Thanks in advance.
  2. keba and i are in Furano. 800Y for a small glass of sake tonight at dinner; 550Y for a glass of beer (dear - 390 was our cheapest in a fortnight at any restaurant); 800yen for small main sized plate at dinner (we order 2 or 3); beers in the machines are 250Y for a 350ml can; beers in the coop/supermarket are 650Y for a 6x350ml sixpack or 1000Y for a 6x500ml sixpack; bento box of sushi in the coop is about 600Y. A kitkat is 125Y. These prices run across most resorts (ex niseko where a large flat white was 600Y and a few ski items i was looking at were 3 times other resorts eg neoprene
  3. bit tragic really. sitting in kutchan last 2 nights ~35cm and each day at rusutsu only light cover. quite tracked out at R presently. slim cover of fresh on crust. thinking about skiing the kutchan carpark!
  4. WAAAAAAAA work sux and we cannot be there ( I cannot express how much work sux in a thread). so here is where the old school is! Naomichan says ohaio gozaimasu from Golda Coasta No doubt we have been forgotten. But we would so love to be there..... Naomichan spent her first year of life ski season there, got on Tokyo TV with TJ -- "hakuba ichiban" and has fond memories of the place. Hmmmm block of pork ..... Hmmmm virgin cafe hot chocolates! (not very nihongo but geez I need that franchise! those things rock unless diabetic) Hmmmm breaking my
  5. My wife tagged along the instructor on an extended non beginner ski course several years ago and they had GPS Max downhill speed on the run to the base was 103klm/hr mostly on green runs. bit of black at top then blue. Start was an old racing downhill course. 80 is a bit fast 100 is scary >100 is heart racing whoooosh
  6. well im dissappointed that no one has mentioned the cute babies in this thread yet in fact based on the kawaii factor we experienced i wouldnt be surprised if the real reason the crew came was for Hunter and Naomi!
  7. was a bit bulletproof ... looks and feels like roughly trowled and set concrete
  8. I swing both ways. I wear gloves with a rubbery sticky geographic pattern on the fingers and palms that grips well and handles tasks with fine work well inside a mit. I can adjust how hot my hands are with a second layer if i need. Besides. mitts are just cooler. all those snowboarders couldnt possibly be wrong
  9. guys ive travelled a bit over the years. this wasnt about overweight. it was about brisbane baggage handlers being a PITA about fineprint for large bags and what defines sporting equipment. between us pooling our allowance as youre allowed to do as a couple we were within the limits (qantas club 32kg each) and the actual bag was < the individual piece limit - iirc our backpacks were about 15 each it was qantas to japan in 2005
  10. We got bit last trip with our double ski bag. We stuffed all our ski gear and 2 sets of skis into the double bag. It was <32kg meaning they should be able to "handle" it . They pulled the fineprint "its only allowed to have skis in it" card apparently applying to long bits of baggage. Bear in mind that overall for the 2 of us our total allowance was within the allocated amounts, its just that it was distributed mostly in our shared double ski bag. I was so p**Ssed at the counter..."im sorry sir you will have to remove everything else from the bag"...."well where are we going to
  11. Thursday you're a bit of a funny guy then arent ya.. Can I please be enlightened about the 2W ones. Ive used cheapy dick smith ones and they are not so good.
  12. Woohoo, we arrive in Hakuba that day! Can we be in (5 of us).
  13. They are available easy there eg the food place at the bottom of the hirafu gondola
  14. Quote: Originally posted by Fattwins: ok things to pack in your pockets for riding my advice. always have 100 yen stretchy gloves in your pocket. they can increase your glove heat and soak up moisture. HAve another pair of thicker liners as well. face mask neopreane never leave home without it. that will save you on a cold day. amen to the neoprene
  15. Wow I havent checked this thread for a while and just want to thank everyone for their efforts, particularly Me Jane! As I look more into Hakuba the more I realise wireless/wired for guests internet is taking off there. We are looking at this where we stay as a prerequisite (I do the IT for my business and it can be "down", and while there may be some support, the buck stops with me -Im running a 2k3 server, backup linux server, asterisk phone/VOIP server, 2 websites, and I program a little. Just now Ive set up a 54G wireless link between 2 sites using wireless bridge). Air-H may b
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