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what's everybody listening to now?

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geeze, and I missed that. I made a huge mistake. Them niggas know their stuffing.

im listening to god speed you black emperor. if you want something upbeat and catchy i wouldnt suggest them. alot of their songs are over 12 minutes long...i think their songs are quite cathartic. if you like sigur ros, you will probably like god speed you black emperor.

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Puffy - The girls'll cheer you up and put a smile on your face for sure

Uncle Tupelo - Redneck music from Texis. Violins, banjos, fuzzy guitar solos, you know the deal. Maybe

Zero 7 - Nice toons

World Party - Good pop songs

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I downloaded a bunch of music recommended by enderzero, and um, promptly deleted it after a quick listen. Some smart lyrics in there, but I likes toons with my rap. J Rawls is good, and Cee-Lo.


But it's great to get some suggestions about what to listen to, and spread your net a little wider. NoFakie's pointers are always worth checking out.

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Nite Life Series by NRK

DJ mix CDs of various styles (mainly deep house) that are very good on the whole.


V.A. "The Biggest Dancehall Anthems 1979-82"

2002 Greensleeves compilation of killa reggae tunes from the days just before it all went digital. Good ska/dub/roots compilations are fairly common, but stuff like this is much harder to get hold of.


Metro Area "Metro Area"

Slightly 80s-sounding instrumental club tunes. Quite simplistic but very well done.


Lateef/Lyrics Born "Latyrx"

Unique leftfield hiphop album from Oakland duo back in 1997. Criminally underrated.


Love "Forever Changes"

Classic 60s psychedelia. Sgt Pepper meets Pet Sounds. Highly orchestrated and very melodic. My brother just went to see Arthur Lee live, which is why I mention it.

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Listening to the traffic outside \:D


I am listening to most of the music from my ski porn films. Managed to download almost 200mb of them and am really stoked.


Gotta say that Swollen Member have some pretty good songs.

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Well I am honored to be thought of as having good musical taste.


Ocean - I listen to everything so try out some of these groups I am into now and see if anything tickles your fancy.


edge rock:



Queens of the Stone Age


Alien Ant Farm

System of a Down


mello guitar rock:

Jack Johnson

Ben Harper

John Mayer

Dave Matthews Band


indy rock:

Built To Spill

Dashboard Confessional

One Line Drawing /

New End Original

Long Since Forgotten

Sunny Day Real Estate


hip hop:(not previously mentioned)


Mos Def / Talib Kweli / Black Star



Gang Starr

De La Soul

anything by Dan the Automator


This is just what's springing to my head right now.


BTW bobby12 - the emmcee's name is Del the Funkee Homosapien. He is one of my favorite MCs and does all the rappin on the CD you are referring to called Deltron 3030 (produced by Automator with scratches by Kid Koala). This is one of the best hip hop LPs of all time IMHO. You might dig it Ocean as it is definitely not the average hip hop affair. Del also raps with the Hieroglyphics.

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i like all those indie bands you mentioned bar dashboard confessional. i love indie. indie is great.

here are some more bands that arent strictly "indie" per se, but still very good:


modest mouse

hot hot heat


neutral milk hotel

the constantines

the weakerthans

sahara hotnights

black rebel motorcycle club

the datsuns



biffy clyro


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On a hip hop note:

if you like Automator, then I assume you LOVE the following:

Doctor Octagon (album he did with Kool Keith, which I think is even better than Deltron3030 'cause Q-Bert's doing the scratching)

Bombay The Hard Way ("brownsploitation" album he did)

I just picked up "Bear Witness III" this weekend by Automator and Q-Bert


And if you like J5:


People under the Stairs

Dilated Peoples

World Famous Beat Junkies

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you want happy music... you should be listening to songs like...


Sugar sugar,


Its rainin men!

Joy to the world (jeramiah was a bullfrog...!)


and anything Jackson 5! i want you back! oh... baby!


that will get ya dancin!

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My lady friend is a fan of the Pet Shop Boys (he says hesitantly). So right now their new disco remix cd is on. It's actually quite good (he says even more hesitantly).


They're not very evil though.


My own car currently has Sterophonics on it. Great stuff.

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