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  1. I am also in the market for new gloves ... long, short, leather, gore-tex? So many choices I wonder what to buy. What do you recommend Kuma???
  2. Virgile ... you should to a place called N I S E K O. I hear it is steep and super "sporty", as you describe.
  3. Service DOES run on the weekend ... nothing stops on the weekend in Japan. May take longer over new year, that's it
  4. http://mb.softbank.jp/mb/en/prepaid/index_2g.html Softbank do pre-paid phones. You can buy them at convenience stores. I think the other companies do them but here is a link for Softbank's pre-paid deals
  5. Mantas, in your first post ... you spelt DIE wrong. DYE means to change the colour of something, eg. your hair
  6. Kuma ... how is the fish and is this years any different to last years? I am looking for a powder board that does go ok on the groomers too. Is this going to do all this or is it another one of these boards that just suits the pow and nothing else? I wish they had a 164 or something though
  7. Where'd you see the snake Serre? Any plans for the summer?
  8. You guys got any ideas for good places to stay in the Maldives? What are the waves like there? Relatively cruisy I hear from some ...
  9. We should get out there for a wave then Tsonda! I am thinking of buying a car ... but cant bring myself to pay the 30,000yen a month for a car space
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