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  1. Hi. Just thought I'd add to my question with the answer to what we actually did for anyone searching this in the future. Stayed at the Sapporo Aspen Hotel, just north of Sapporo JR. Great location, about 100m walk to the station. Price was pretty reasonable, I think about $450 sustralian dollars for 4 nights accommodation (9000Y per night)in a twin room. Room was clean and did the job fine. Reception staff didn't speak much english, but stored our skis at the end of each day in the lobby and gave us a token to get them back in the morning (which I would proceed to lose within 5 minutes of
  2. Thanks all. Planning on a day at Teine and a day at Sapporo Kokusai. You're right it seems JR has package deals that go to kokusai by bus return from JR sapporo eki. It looks like Teine you do catch the train first then the bus. We're then heading up to Niseko for 10 days and going to do a trip to Rusutsu from there and a day maybe at Moiwa. I've been to Niseko a few times before but my friend hasn't so we're trying to do the common thing with a few common and a few slightly less common day trips thrown in. Kiroro and Asari sound good too, so many places so little time! These s
  3. It's only for two days and there are only two of us so probably stick to public transport. And the whole fear of driving in japan thing (irrational, but still worries me). That hotel you suggested looks pretty good. I think if we wipe our gear down before taking it inside it should be ok. I imagine more snow goes in on people in a day in Sapporo than on a pair of skis.
  4. Rhythmn and Beats can sort you out. There are others like INSKI, and Larry Adler plus no doubt many more Japanese hire places. Those specific ones will all be Australian owned
  5. Hi SF Did you use it as a base for skiing or just sightseeing? Did it seem they would be accommodating of people with skis/boards? Thanks
  6. Thanks. You don't recall the name of the hotel he stayed at? The cost is actually not bad. JR have packages that include transport and lift ticket and sometimes lunch. They have one for niseko that is 4900 yen that includes bus there and back plus a 8 hour lift ticket. I think a full day ticket in niseko is about 5900. I think the one for teine might be about 4000 yen for the day. We're just going to do trips for 2 or 3 days before heading up to niseko for the rest of the trip.
  7. Hi Everyone Have searched through the forum and internet and having trouble finding info about staying in sapporo and skiing the local resorts. Looking to stay near JR Sapporo and do some day trips. I imagine that the hotels in general probably cater for this being surrounded by local resorts, but have an image in my mind of a shoebox room draped in wet ski gear and disapproving looks in the lobby carrying skis around! I have seen a few indications of ski storage, but wasn't sure if this just meant they could hold your ski bag during your stay while doing things in town before moving on to
  8. Best western astina shinjuku semi double non smoking room. Proper comfortable double bed. Newly renovated. Actual room pretty compact but had everything necessary plus more. Even a decent bath. Great location just off yasukuni dori in shinjuku. 5 minutes Walk from station. 11500 yen per room for the night was a pretty good price. Would recommend it but note the actual room size is compact, but similar to other Japanese big city hotel rooms I have stayed in. Home today. Japan withdrawals already set in.
  9. Have booked Best Western Shinjuku Astina. Something called a semi double non smorking room. the 'semi double' part will be interesting, but the picture looks OK and its only one night. Looks a good location. 11,500 yen for 2 per night inc tax. The citadines place looks good on its website, but booked out the night we are there
  10. true about the multiple little cities. Asakusa has its own attractions, but I have stayed there 3 times now so looking for somewhere new. It is quite good in Asakusa for access to Narita too because you can take the cheaper Keisei Skyliner train. Probably like to be in shinjuku or shibuya just to go out and watch the people and the lights and check out harajuku and omote sando. Think we will courier our bags to Narita so with backpacks subway to tokyo station or asakusa to get to the airport will be ok. Any suggestions?
  11. Just need one night feb 15th. I usually stay at a place called k's house in asakusa. Backpacker with private and dorm rooms. Dorms I think start below 3000 yen a night. A bit out of the city though and for one night I'd be happy to pay up to 15000 for a more central hotel room for me and my girlfriend. I was actually thinking of checking out a love hotel for the night. Anyone tried one. The themed rooms would be pretty funny but are they pretty seedy establishments in general?
  12. Quote: Some you can even book by the hour if you are just a little bit tired. not to drag this into the gutter but I think the hourly rate isn't so much for if you're tired! good thread. I'm in the Market for a room in Tokyo, for sleeping that is
  13. Apparently ixsm go from nozawa to the monkeys on wed and sun. They leave at 1pm and back by 4 or 5. It is 6000 yen. Not sure if that includes the monkey park entrance fee. Their office is opposite foot bar apparently (maybe just a booking agent?). They will go other days too if you can fill a van.
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