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  1. ALrighter, After two weeks in Hirafu I'll be heading down to Tokyo for 4 nights before I head back to the land of the credit crunch (UK) and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions as to which area of Tokyo would be best to find accomodation. Its obviously a pretty big place so if anyone knows which area to stay in would be best for good nightlife, good for tourist things, avoids thigns you would want to avoid etc then some tips would be most appreciated. Cheers guys, Sammyboco
  2. The big beast it is then! thanks for the advice guys. As for trying to pay a flat rate, we've tried that already and they gave us an extra 5kg each but thats our lot, heading to New Zealand for a few weeks before so got a fair few flights to negotiate so I'm really gonna try and keep to my 25kg. It'll be pants on inside oot and back to front to maximise usage!
  3. I'm gonna be headin to niseko for the first time and the baggage allowance is clearly not enough for me to take both my boards. I've got a tons of fun 157 and less poppy 163. What does the collective voice of experience suggest? Is it true what they say about the masses of powder? Is my wee board gonna be lost in the fluffy stuff? Decisions, decisions....
  4. I never saw any. It was a link on a forum that got me to snow japan.....
  5. Alright folks, Thanks a lot for your input, its most appreciated. I think its mostly just the exchange rate that is making for shocking quotes from accomodation. I've already got the flights but cheers for the recommendations, its hard to gauge some places with limited photo's. Tubby Beaver, as for the advertising drive its not happened its just good old fashioned word of mouth. Our mate was over for the season and came back raving about the snow and we had to check it out. I'm sure all the extra shifts will be worthwhile! Oh aye, I'm digging your tag line. 'mon the haverin'!
  6. I am heading over to Niseko in Feb for two weeks and been looking for accomodation in Hirafu for two adults. It seems like everything is super expensive for the standard of accomodation you would get, is this an exchange rate (UK Pound) thing or is it just generally really expensive?? Also I see most accomodation offers airport transfers, how easy is it to organise transfers yourself and does anybody how to do this and how much they would cost (roughly)? If anybody can help out a confused Scottish guy and answer my questions it'd be most appreciated. Cheers!! P.S. If anyone
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