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  1. I am not going to get personal as Sanjo. But l thought the idea of this site was for frank chats and ideas. If you don't like what people say Sanjo, then join another site. My topic was simply an open one at the state of skiing, closures, snow, etc. I hope it dumps big time for everyone, but l think some people have missed my point.
  2. I accept that full,but as you can only type so much it had to be changed. Low resorts in Europe have been in danger for over 10 years now. Still, my point remains the same. Thanks.
  3. You are right indeed. The £ is weaker still this season. Things are not cheap in Europe at all. Cheap deals seem only to be found in early January at present. I agree with you. Honshu will not suffer as much as much as Niseko,etc. Nor has it relied on overseas tourists a good deal. Yet it was being 'touted' as the next big thing due to the poor European snow record and lift prices in America. I have followed Honshu for four seasons.I have also been employed for 6 Ski seasons in Europe. Low level resorts in Europe were said to be in danger of closing some time ago, but they have surv
  4. wow, it's interesting to see the reaction, but that is the point. Very tribal.
  5. With the reports coming from Japan of resorts closing and poor snow record of the past two years being placed in most media outlets in Europe, l fear for the Japanese Alpine Sport Industry. Europe has had a bumper start to the season this year. With heavy dumps at many resorts and bookings at a high despite the weak £/$ against the Euro. With the weak £GBP, $US and Euro against the Yen. It has dropped 10 Yen this week alone. From a high of Y223=£1 in Jan 08 to Y117 in Jan 09. It now stands at Y135 and falling fast. Europe/America is looking the safe snow bet against Japan for European
  6. The view from the restaurant at Aokiko was excellent. The chair lift up to Kashi was a trip on it's own if it was windy. Crazy situation about the ski resorts closing. This was spoken about last season and now it has actually happened. European resorts have opened early this season as they did last year. There are hoping for a bumper seasson again.
  7. Thanks for the info. So Aokiko is closed for the season? That is a great shame. It was always good to ski all 3 resorts. The food was decent and the people really friendly compared to other Valley resorts. What train station serves Kashi? I was thinking of buying a pass for Iwatake, then skiing other Hills on other days as the Iwatake pass is cheap enough to allow me to do this.
  8. Yes, l take your point on the Pass. I hadn't considered that this site was so closly watched. You are right,the trust the Japanese have is something to admire. I remember last season when an Aussie 'decked' a liftie do his job in Hakuba. The feeling in the resort was so bad. most folks thought 'no, not another Niseko?' Thanks.
  9. Ok, Thanks. My plan is to spend 3 or 4 weeks in Hakuba in Janaury and then return in late March. I was thinking of buying an early season Pass. Both Sun Alpina and Iwatake are cheap enough to buy and still ski some of the other hills during my trip. Though,Sun Alpina require a Y1000 onto top of the pass in order to ski the 3 hills. My brother could use my pass on the other times or l will 'sell' it on. I have heard that 47,etc are checking passes alot more than usual. Is this correct? I know some say don't buy a season pass, but the price is a good one. Cheers for your advice.
  10. Are the Sanosaka/Sun Alpina resorts and Iwatake worth skiing? Which one you suggest. European resorts have had a massive dump of snow this week. Many high resorts fully open.
  11. October 7th brings in the Excessive charges for luggage on UK flights. On BA to Tokyo. You are allowed 23kg. Up to 32kg will cost you £25 for the journey(the whole trip) if the Outbound and Return are purchased at the same time. Over 32kg it is £120!!! at the airport, £96 online, if you know the weight. But you should take your ski boots out. They fit as hand luggage. There is no restriction on the weight for hand luggage on BA, only on the size of bag. My boots weigh 4.4kg. But use a small suitcase. Already there are rumours that some Airlies will not allow ski boots on as 'Hand lugg
  12. A double open compound fracture of the Tib and Fib in Les 2 Alpes, France. Hearing them say in the Clinic " He is losing too much blood" was a slight worry. 12 seperate bones broken during my sporting life. Not all skiing. Last time was August 09 Chiba Prefecture. I was surfing and broke two ribs. I say surfing, it might as well been an Ironing board to me. that's as as much as l know about surfing. I am not taking up hang gliding!!!
  13. Thanks to all for the info. Unfortunately December looks like the month l have to take off from work. 5 weeks in December or 3 weeks in January. An early dump would be good.
  14. Hi, I have the chance to spend 4 weeks in December or 4 weeks in January. I wud prefer to spemd December in Japan. Can anyone tell me about the snow conditons for Hakuba and any advice on is December a good month to go? I have been there before. Last season was poor Thanks
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