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  1. I did a ton of research into Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan a couple of years ago. It looks like it has some mad potential. It's not going to be smooth sailing all the way, but what's life without risk? If you've got mates there, I would do it in a heartbeat.
  2. that was really well shot. pretty interesting little piece. cheers for that
  3. Yep. Maccas is quite far south of the northern Playgrounds area. There's 4 main islands in the Mentawai, and Maccas is kinda two-thirds down the Pagai Utara (the second island from the bottom). How's them directions for you guys? Clear as mud. Have read some pretty horrific first hand reports about villages down there. Greenbush village had 52 houses and a church wiped off the land. Estimates put the wave(s) at 4m. Many many dead, rotting bodies, no clean water and so on. The resort at Maccaronis is gone. The only building that looks to have survived is the main bar building where
  4. Everyone I know up there has been accounted for. Not such good new for a lot of villages at the southern end of the islands which were badly hit. Imagine sitting on the back deck of Midas when another charter boat slammed into you, and then being washed a couple of hundred metres into the jungle. The reef at Maccas is gnarly.
  5. I haven't checked any info, but I think you can only fly Continental there from east coast Oz. Spoke to a guy a few weeks ago and he said something like $100 for your first 2 boards, then $100 for each board after that. The main camp (run by Alois) has a bunch of boards maybe? But there's cheaper places to stay in the the town, and then just organise a boat out there each day. Something like that. It looks like it can get heavy huh?
  6. Yeah, I think you're right on that front Mantas. Still, different strokes for different folks.... I think it's gonna be small. Swell charts aren't showing anything significant. Oh well. See what happens eh? I've seen some cracking pics from the Newcastle area from my east coast mates from this past winter
  7. Cept it costs $$$ to fly ith your boards there huh? I've heard there's a ton of cheap boards for sale at the surf camps - lots of crew leave em there cos it's so exxy to take them home
  8. Hmmmm. Sounding less appealing, but I'm sure I'll work something out. Any of you guys ever been to the Telo islands? We're heading there in a couple of days for a travel article.
  9. What are the beachies straight out at Seminyak like? Surfable for a hungover cleansing session, or just straighthanders?
  10. Actually, going there next year for a mate's 30th. Couple of days at some fancy villa in Seminyak. Was hoping there'd be some fun beachies nearby somewhere. Nothing epic, but close enough to duck off for a quick surf in the morning type of thing. It's gonna be a reunion for a bunch of crew so I'd rather hang with them than chase waves all morning, but it's always good to sneak a wave in. Any tips? But yeah, Bali sounds busy these days. Even the expat crew I know there moan about it constantly. I went there about 10 years ago with some mates. We were young and clueless, but I remember surfi
  11. I'm thinking bout g'land next year too. never been there. hear mixed things, but if there's swell and it's shoulder season, could be on!
  12. Originally Posted By: ger I like to mix it up with longish. The short little lifts at many J-resorts are a bit strange imo. errrsh, the short lifts in Japan can send you bonkers. Especially if you haven't sussed out how to link a new mountain togerther yet, and some of the lifts actually require you to walk uphill to the next one...?!
  13. Hey Fellas We just got back from a trip out to WavePark Resort in the Mentawais. After a couple of months away, I was frothing to get back and surf some proper waves again. It was also great to come back after having had a break, and to come back as a guest, rather than be working. Jeeez, the islands are stunning. Beautiful and isolated. It really is a special place. As a surfer, we are very lucky to visit some of these remote areas. It's something that very few people get to see. Wave wise, we scored bulk swell, but also copped some serious weather. the storms were about as intense a
  14. I was never that interested in Panaitan because it sounds so heavy, but Npalms and Illusions sound spretty good. And apocalypse looks nuts. Jeez, they give the waves friendly sounding names huh? You surfed there Indo?
  15. Nah, we were at Pitstops mate. But we're good mates with the Wavepark crew. I'll send ya a PM. And Mantas - I seem to remembe ryou asking somewhere about a week trip to the Ments for next year? For what it's worth I reckon it's a pretty short time frame. Travel is still a pain so you're not really maximising your time out there for all the hassle you'll go through. But it can be done.
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