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  1. i saw creme egg bars in england. so now you can get them all-year round. makes them less special.
  2. the black donnellys is a drama about irish organised crime in new york city. i have just started watching - it's been pretty good so far.
  3. i think i may have jumped to conclusions about the age of the father of the child. i was in agreement with others that an adult(although the lines seem to be fuzzy about what constitutes "adulthood.") should not have sex with a minor. i can see what you're getting at but in my eyes, i don't think 12 or 14 year olds should be having sex in the first place.
  4. i agree with all the air canada bashing. i have been flying air canada atleast once a year for the past 10 years. and nothing has changed. while every other airline has gotten personal televisions, many of AC's long haul flights (i'm talking between japan-vancouver/toronto) still do the "two movies, CBC news and Just for Laughs" thing. they have also been getting stingy with food and drinks on flights between toronto and vancouver (which is a 5 hour flight!) seems a bit ridiculous to me. To add to it, I think I find the Canadian immigration and customs to be the worst i have come across
  5. putting aside that it's wrong and sick to have sex with minors - there is really no argument to be had. and maybe this is obvious but i really don't understand how you could have a baby and not even have finished high school. what kind of life/future are you destined to have with little opportunity of completing high school let alone going to university and why would you want to raise a child in that environment. as far as i'm concerned, children should not be having children.
  6. i usually watch it but havent been following it for a few weeks now. and now i feel like i can't get back into it. started watching The Black Donnelly's instead. pretty good.
  7. just wear your normal clothes and hold a sign saying "nudist on strike." easy.
  8. mars bars in canada now claim/guarantee to be peanut free. (or traces of peanut free.) i think this is a fairly bold statement to make. especially considering how sensitive some people are to nut allergies. all it would take is an mars employee to eat a few peanuts on their lunch break and they might contaminate...but i guess the same could be said about everything. just find it weird that mars is using that as their advertising campaign.
  9. for the most part, i like travelling. being on a plane/bus/train. however, i'm starting to grow very tired of the 11 hour bus trip ive made to new york city 3 times in the past six weeks. you drive for 8 hours through new york state making stops every few hours. quite annoying. the only thing that justifies it is the cost and the fact that even to fly it would probably take me most of the day. by the time you get to the airport 2 hours ahead, go through customs, fly, land, get to wherever youre going on the other end etc. atleast i can take the bus overnight and not miss a day.
  10. poutine is amazing, its not really that available here though. many nights in montreal either ended with poutine or sitting on the steps of the 24hour bagel factory eating fresh montreal style bagels.
  11. pizza. there is a place up the street called "The Big Slice." The name does not lie, for 3 dollars you can get a massive slice of pizza. open until 4am too.
  12. i've seen muse twice. although i'm not super big on sticking their album on, i think they are probably one of the most "together" and talented live acts ive seen. really excellent.
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