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  1. Any resorts either announced they have closed or won't be able to make it for the next season?
  2. Looking at the other thread about Thredbo and wondering, apart from Japan, which other countries offer consistent good snow on their resort mountains?
  3. MILF Moro Islamic Liberation Front TERD Tangible Evidence, Real Discoveries PRIC Polar Research Institute of China PIS Public Information Services TOOL Tennessee Organisation of Locksmiths AAS Austrian Spine Society GIT Georgia Institute of Technology SNOT Sino-Nasal Outcome Test CRAP Canadian Reform Alliance Party Any others?
  4. I couldn't find any of the older threads that had discussions of tv series, so I have started a new one. Anyone seen The Wire? Excellent TV series, well worth a checkout. These days, I hardly ever watch a movie, they seem too short and too surface after the excellent tv series out there now.
  5. Hot Fuzz was entertaining. Going to see Wall E tomorrow.
  6. Way too clever to be caught was Blofeld. Lovely location though.
  7. Oops, I registered after you...
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