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  1. Finally someone who actually answered the question. A daily user of PC and Mac. Well done Dims. You are the only qualified person so far to make a judgement in my opinion. Ocean I do respect your opinion and enjoy your comments etc, but you are not a current daily user so your views being historical are not relevant. Take OSX for a test drive first then please do offer your comments. As for Recall on batteries, you are talking about a hardware issue where as I thought the topic at hand was on the software???....
  2. How many of you actually use both a Mac and Windows PC on a daily basis and would therefore be semi qualified to sate which is more stable or better than the other?
  3. By longest memeber on SJ what exactly are you referring too?
  4. Hold off on buying any Mac until at least the end of this Month. In particular the iMac. With the release of the Tiger slated for sometime this month there is talk of a beefed up iMac being released also to bring it up to speed for use with Tiger. (The current iMac will not be a problem, just maybe a little slower with the different video required for optimal Tiger performance.) As for the TV thingy there, I am to bgin research myself. I guess if you got a Mac Mini and used your TV as your puter screen then you could in effect say that yes you can watch TV on a Mac
  5. If it is being used with the Livedoor matter then it is a dig at Horie to confirm with the ways of traditional Business J-land. He is not playing the game as a conformist is and the guys at the Fuji and others can't handle it cuase none of them are experts nor do they know who to approach for expert advice. Basically they are throwing all their toys out of the sandpit in a huff cause they are losing to a younger guy who should be conforming to society as they have for the last 40years of their careers. The "Otona no Chie" is a mere framework for which they are trying to shame hi
  6. On a quick stock take I have the: Swiss Champ Explorer Escort Nomad (Except mine has a serated knife with lock) I am not a knife crazy person, just I either forget to take them on explorations with me and so I end up getting another. I carry the Escort with me all the time on my keys and has come in so handy. A legacy from my pipe smoking grandfather I guess. He used to have a similar knife that he used for cleaning out the tabacco from his pipe. The Swiss Champ is the ultimate. Not a situation it can't handle. I have to agree with miteyak on the sharpness iss
  7. The J word would be 家庭内暴力 Katei nai bouryoku.
  8. Think old tractor, WWF typeleather belt, some rope, a nut cracker device, leather glove protector and no groomed slopes and you have a club field. Some you can only access by walking too.
  9. Thanks beanie man badmigs was on the camera and while the guy can ride a board he definitely should not be put in control of a camera!
  10. But how can you make a measurement of mass by only using a measurement of area? Should this not be a m3 figure in the title? BTW, I am an arts graduate and not to up to the play with numbers and stuff
  11. Stepchild, if my memory is correct I do beleive that Iwappara have the only superpipe in the Yuzawa area. I haven't been in a while, but I do remember that the Pipe was lift accessed in that there was a double chair running up the side of it for the length of it. Don't recall seeing any other park features though. If I am wrong on the pipe being the only one in Yuzawa, please someone do correct me.
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