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  1. Yes thank me for that brilliant photo. It would have been a lot better if Id got him coming down the other side too but ah well. More practice needed from me i think. Yeah that rail was siiick. I couldnt believe it when Barok first attempted it. That guy has balls of steel for sure. The park at Breck was huge for sure, but the pipe. Oh the pipe. Thats where it was at. Was def cool riding with Barok. I miss riding with you fellas. Maybe next season. Im going to Canada and this time with sister in tow - trouble makers for sure. Any suggestions for a good place to ride? Not one of the
  2. yeah the troublemakers are awesome. Good pop on jumps and for getting out of the pipe but still quite stable at speeds and havent noticed any significant speed wobbles. Im really happy with them and have been meaning to say thanks for your advice for a long long time. so domo
  3. hey hey sj people zwelgen writing from Breckenridge, home of a bomb park. I can say here I think it is pretty even depending on the day. there are some awesome skiers pulling some sick stuff but the boarders are ripping it just as hard too. me? I stay off most of the jumps but the pipe, oh yes! It is partly due to the serious lack of powder this year so I went looking for some fun. It rocks and once you get over the attitude at the top of the pipe then who cares, great fun. hi to all the people I know. dont know when Ill be back on. bye
  4. On the groomed etc I dont really need poles and would ditch them but skiing pow without poles are pretty tough. You dont really need them to skate along flat surfaces but they help and you can lean on them. Oh, they stop you from sliding forwards too much in the lift line (boarders have to unstrap). you can use them to itch somewhere hard to get to, whack snowboarders, whack the tree as you pass so snow dumps on your buddy behiend you. You use them to get out of your bindings etc. so in conclusion, on the groomed stuff you dont really need them and skiing without them is fine, its all th
  5. you know it was probably a secret that your lady and the good dr were dating, so if she says she cant see that particulat dr it would probably lead to lots of (for her) embarassing qs and she prob thinks its better just to grin and bear it. still, gyno for school? Do the dudes get their nads checked? I wouldnt be happy if I was a man and it was my lady, but Im not a man so have no lady...where is this going? Tell her to say she has her period so no exam. Jeez think about it fellas!
  6. There will be no one on the slopes around then. On analysis of the last 3 seasons 2000 - dumped about 1.5m (at my house so approx 2x more on the slopes) on Christmas day and coverd the car so that there was not one single bit showing. 2001 - Boxing day evening the dump arrived and just kept coming until about the 17th Jan 2002 - Christmas evening it started and didnt end until well into Jan so by my (crude) analysis you should be sweet. Be paitent my son and personally I dont think there are THAT many people on slopes at NYrs. I think a feb weekend is much much worse
  7. One time I was really hung over and thus had a rather low tollerance level and on the train in Osaka and got the stares. I stared at them fiercely for a while. No reaction. So I made like binoculars with my hands and then pointed at them. They got the message and stopped. Afterwards I felt a bit bad. I mean in Japan I often stared at other foreigners. Oh the curse of the Inaka - "whats that foreigner doing in MY 'hood?" How pathetic
  8. That hotel at Cortina always freaked me out. It just looks creepy, looming over the barren landscape. I dont know if I could sleep easy in that place. WTF were the people thinking that designed the hotel? Anyone else agree with me? Mind you I am a bit of a wuss
  9. db you smelly, communal living hating, booze restrictive old grandpa, it was either you or MrSparkle that was ponging up the car and I am not alone in thinking that it was you with your smelly wrist guards. yuckky. Fatty I got the troublemakers, 175cm. They should be waiting at Baroks house when I get there in a week cant wait to try em out.
  10. no boyfriend so no troubles. It just blocks the emails from all the dudes wanting to sleep with me. Well, thats what I tell myself anyway
  11. I think Im pretty open, not many secrets, but I do have a few things that I wouldnt really talk about unless someone asked a specific question. that or Im pissed
  12. Quote: Originally posted by db: please, for the sake of anyone else in the gondola, just wash the damn thing
  13. yeah Im a lick sip sucker. Mate without that lemon Im just about dry retching. yuuuckh. goldschlager. Mmmm some good times there So whats with the coffee bean Pedro? never heard of that one. Fill me in please
  14. Ive had my hotmail addie since 1998 and its pretty basic yo, can ya guess? I started getting a bunch of spam a couple of years ago but didnt want to change the address, just for convenience so set up filters for words like P E N I S and debt and enlargement etc and now I get pretty much no junk except for a few in my junkmail folder. Lucky perhaps?
  15. Bowler you reckon my accent is a toughie but you are waaaaaay harder to understand. Except now I keep saying "aye" like you. Oh no. Since Ive been back in NZ I have reverted to my old ways somewhat but people still tell me I have an odd accent. Perhaps I just pronounce things a little more clearly than I used to and dont use the common greeting of "heymatehowsitgoingyeahgood"
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