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  1. Anyone remember that UK program Spitting Image They dont still make that right? In its prime it was so funny.
  2. I'm sneezing uncontrollably today. Bugger.
  3. Love the MUST HAVE MORE breathless intro
  4. 10 minute walk, 40 minute train, 15 minute train, 10 minute walk. WORK 10 minute walk, 15 minute train, 40 minute train, 10 minute walk. I would take a considerable pay cut to get rid of all that.
  5. Still think Schumacher not motivated?
  6. Very few recently, unfortunately. Many years ago, I'd get though about 5 or 6 a month.
  7. Schu is a complete competitive machine and he wouldn't be competing if he wasn't 100% motivated. See "Pole Position in First Race of Season."
  8. The natural noises of riding are indeed excellent, and should not be drowned out by anything.
  9. That is pretty ridiculous, isn't it? Ocean11 - where do you take your son now then?
  10. What do USers on here REALLY think about Bush? Let's be honest! Do you really think he is Prez material??
  11. r45 With you there, I cringe watching them things. But the audience seem to like it. Bet cheeseman likes it
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