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  1. Sorry, been away. Sanno : The ticket is still up for grabs, not sure if you still want it though. Tsondaboy : Thanks, but if you'd like to use it I don't mind changing either.
  2. Hey everyone, I won a ticket to Kandatsu and was hoping to use it, but had to head back to Australia for a funeral. If anyone wants it, e-mail me at simonwb@hotmail.com. I'll send it to the first person who responds. S.
  3. Just wondering what everyone has on their wish lists this year. I've got a Honda Zoomer on mine, but still trying to figure out if it's worth getting.
  4. Going to be a summer Xmas this year in Aus! Spent last year at Tenjindaira, snowboarded a bit and then spent the rest of the day drinking. Nice Xmas.
  5. Hey! I've been looking at buying a new snowboard this season, and I've been thinking about getting a Sims model. If anyone has any feedback about Sims boards, I'd really appreciate it. Also, do anyone know anything about the "Sims Dragon" board? It's a Japan Limited model. Thanks in advance for all your help! S.
  6. They actually introduced it into the curriculum last year. A group of five of us have been teaching in 10 elementary schools in Saitama area. Every single class we teach, the Japanese English teachers play usually play no part in it. The planning, curriculum and actual teaching is pretty much in our hands. Some of the teachers try and particpate as much as possible, but the majority tend to do take a backseat and literally sit at the back of the classroom. A lot of it comes down to their actual ability.
  7. I've never suffered from hayfever but know that a ton of people over here get it badly each year. I also heard that people who never had it before can end up getting it. Has anyone had this happen whilst living in Japan? How did you find out? What are the symptoms etc?
  8. It was amazing...... 2 out of 3 days had insane powder...
  9. Can anyone tell me who is the highest paid pro-boarder / skiier and how much are they making each year (about) ? Thanks!
  10. Bully was a pretty intense movie. Based on a true story yeah. It was strange to see them all get into the mindset of killing so easily.. Not one I'd like to watch again. Has anyone seen Requiem for a Dream? That is definitely one to see once.. definitely one for the anti-drug campaigners, and another one only to watch once..
  11. Just wondering what everyone has been using for sound while on the mountain. One of my friends has been using the IPod and swears by it. I'm looking at picking up an IRiver, but they aren't upgradeable in the future. Any other players worth mentioning? Plus what is your favourite album when out there?
  12. Bobby12, How long have you been studying? And how long have you been living in Japan (if you don't mind me asking)..
  13. Thanks sunrise! Is that the 22nd of Feb or March? We are going to be up there on the 7th, 8th and 9th of March.
  14. Looks good Veronica..btw can you see mine? It seems to be going on and off..
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