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  1. how you doing guys? long time no hear!!! still post?
  2. twas today... me and mi bird had them. banana, choc sauce, sugar, ice cream plus extra double cream!!! im well full now! yum yum!!!
  3. Gutted!!! Becks played terribly (all tournament i might add)! he literally looked as though he didnt give a shit at times. should've been subbed on 60 minutes. big cheers for Sol who was outstanding as was Cole. couldnt see them going past our defence until Gerrard and Scholes were taken off. we were by far the better team until the subbing started, only giving away long range shots. didnt quite understand what Sven was doing? poor substitutional tactics i thought. made our midfield weak leaving gaps between them and the forwards. reverted to long clearances losing the ball instantly
  4. yeah, i did the sugar thing in Prague too. yummy!!! and yeah, funny enough, ive had it in Urawa too. Most of the good, hidden away whisky bars have it. you just gotta ask!!! However, it isnt the real stuff over here is it? i mean, not the hallucinogenic
  5. I went up about two weeks ago, all the way to the top. the boarding we got wasnt the best but it was worth it just to say that ive done it. must have had only about a kilometer and a half run out max. there were about 50 other riders going up too, most of them skiers. i had no problems with patrol/security and what not. the mountain was closed then. we just had to jump over a couple of barriers and then just hiked up no probs. tell u what, it were a freezing wind at the top and i got sunburt to hell!!
  6. yeah, but the UEFA cup is meaningless now after the new system for the Champions League was introduced. Not only that but both arsenal and man u will be in the champions league anyway leaving the european spot open for the other semifinal winners. i dont mind them Milwallers representing us! go Milwall!!!
  7. thats sh*t. wish sky had'a bought it! i guess ill have to go down the pub then.
  8. i want kerry. i think kerry'll win.
  9. wonderful, someone else who noticed the post-war britain feel here. that sums up this country very well. what happened in the stories mentioned above is truly shitty. however, i think that they arent especially the norm. i think that its a great country, full of promise, and while i do encounter racism its how you deal with it that matters. ive experienced way more positives than negatives here from the japanese. in fact, most of the trouble ive seen here has been due to other foreigners (violence, fights, disrespect, racism towards the japanese!!!) its all just a misunderstanding, not ju
  10. Nah, it definately aint Mongolia. i went there in the summer and saw no such thing. Northern tribes of Thailand and surrounding area.
  11. mi mum drinks it in'er tea. i think its mingin' misen but hey, what would vegans do? another question. what dya make of the full fat milk here in J-land?
  12. tough one! i say communicate. give the dude a call. see whats up with that!
  13. why's that Ocean? u too busy on snowjapan?
  14. alot of that is true, as far as representing all the righteous goodness emanating from Japan, i dont know but its totally believable. its true that it is from the beginning of the Meiji Era though, just before the turn of the century. it was then used by the navy until the end of the second world war when it was banned by the americans as the japanese werent permitted a self-defence force. however, it was taken back some time after as forces were rebuilt. whats interesting to know is that there are a few flags with different numbers of rays. the one you probably saw had 16 but i bel
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