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  1. Be patient with it getting completely flat. Put something heavy on the corners for half a day each will help a lot.
  2. Not so much. I had to look after my mother as she had operation, but I did get out 5 times at weekend.
  3. The first temple area looks very beautiful. Good timing!
  4. Hello. I spoke with someone last night from Guernsey. I was surprised to hear it was not part of UK and is it's own country. But in many country list it does not appear. It is confusing to me. It sounded like interested place though.
  5. Already nice photo I will be going there with work group in February.
  6. Be careful! it is easy to think you are ok but when stand up become dizzy. I always have cold shower as soon as I come out to cool down.
  7. I was at a party last night and one Scottish guy brought out some haggis. I had never heard of before but was surprised at hearing the ingredient! It tasted a little strange for me, but the guy said it was not 100% authentic. Did you try it?
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