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  1. Quote: Originally posted by thursday: Plucky, some of that stuff looked really out of control and some of your crew were not wearing helmets doing that. Nice music though. I never knew helmets were a prerequisite, but it may explain a lot about my friends and I. Just remember, that is a video of highlights, or lowlights if you will, from that ski season. It's just meant to be fun and is not indicative of how we skied most of the time. Glad you liked the music. The first song is from 311 and the last two are from Boy Sets Fire. Both great bands.
  2. Quote: Originally posted by SirJibAlot: I hear you - I can't deal with cold water. My favorite spots on Oahu: Chun's Reef, N.Shore (hate the super strong current) King's - Haleiwa (home of the freak set) Kuni's - Waikiki (only breaks when there is a big S. Swell) Wall's/Graveyard's - Waikiki (love the backwash) Public's - Waikiki (scarry during low-tide - almost impaled myself there) Ala Moana Bowl - (always popular, but tough to get in the lineup as a haole) Barber's Point - (only on a super windy day to get that washing machine effect!) I'm no Hawaiian, but lived there for
  3. Great post! I basically considered Hachimanti my home resort while living in Japan. Freaking loved it there compared to most of the tightwad rule-constricted places in Japan. Check out my video post. I'm sure you'll see some stuff you recognize Besides Hakkoda, if there was a place I was intimate with in Japan, it was Hachimanti Forest. Such a difference from the corporate J-pop ridden BS over the peak at Appi. Too bad you never got to make the 2 hour climb to the top of the peak off the top chair (to skiers left). Fantastic stuff up there. Being from Oregon and having done a
  4. Quote: Originally posted by Kintaro: game on! Tohoku saw so little snow this year that I must hit Gassan. It's not the ideal ski-jo but it at least has snow. My last time out in mid February I was hitting grass patches at Zao. Terrible snow year on the East side but I'm not throwing in the towel just yet. Was it really that bad this year Kintaro? From the snow reports I checked, it looked like a good season. Admittedly, I haven't checked this site much lately to get first-hand reports. Sorry to hear it sucked. If it's any consolation, this ski season in Europe has been one of the
  5. Quote: Originally posted by muikabochi: Nice. Which resorts areas where you at Plucky? Sorry for the late response. Been a bit busy. Most of the footage is from Hachimanti Forest with some Appi, Amihari and Shimokura in there. My cabin in Alaska got broken in to last year and most of my tapes and video equipment were stolen. I lost a lot of good footage that I hadn't gotten around to downloading yet. I'm just happy I had what I did on my hard drive. Lesson learned - film and download right away! Hey, we finally got some fluff in the Alps! Scored two good weekends of powder
  6. Thought some of you might enjoy this. I received requests from some old friends to put my vids up on YouTube. Instead of putting the old stuff up, I made a shortened video from my 03-04 season in Aomori and Iwate. New music, probably some of the same footage some of you have seen, but cut a bit different. I've skied exclusively in Austria this season. Due to the lackluster snow conditions, it has been a huge let down. At least it's been sunny and super warm every time I've been there! I haven't had to pull out my cold-weather gear once. The snow has, well, sucked. I mis
  7. Quote: Originally posted by Fattwins: dont get that oregon thing its garbage. look on tgr they cant get the thing to sit right. I wish you spoke English. What's wrong with the Oregon thing? Yes, I'm being statilistic..... DB - what are you wanting to film? I actually have a lot of experience with this. We were filming things in Japan and only spent around 500 usd. If it's cheaper to buy at US prices, let me know. Seriously, I'd love to help out. I've got a US address over here in Deutschland......
  8. Quote: Originally posted by db le pu: torihada - My experience has been that Brits love a bit of fun, boozing, clowning around and good sunshine in a ski holiday. I'm not sure many need to fly to Japan just for that. Plucky - (Its Saturday night... you're drinking aren't you ) ... and it sounds like your nationality-competitive edge is edging back into your stuff. I'm a little the same, so I wont cast stones. As for loud groups of Australian guys: they love being something special where they are, getting attention and strutting around. Its an Aussie thing and I see it ofte
  9. Quote: Originally posted by Ocean11: Have a nice hangover Plucky. It wasn't so bad. Got a nice mt bike ride in today. Made it to the Czech and had to use the 'ol passport. Thanks for caring though. Ich liebe dich Ocean What in the heck is a paddock Mantas??? Not being all nationalistic and all, but I love American colllege football. Best sport - bar none.
  10. I was watching Bayern vs. Stutagart and yes, I've had a few That was a damn good match!!! Okay, now we're going to wathch Ohio State vs Michigan. Teach some Germans what football really is
  11. Quote: Originally posted by ibk6020: IF it's Terrain you want plucky and the good white stuff check out The Arlberg extreme west Austria, I'll check it out. I've just been given supreme power in the ski club for such a thing I'm serious. AND I don't hate Brits, just Ocean11
  12. My best friend here in Germany is a Brit/German. In my experience, the damn Brits have taken over the 'ugly' label from the Americans. Christ, thanks to Bush's policies, the fatass midwestern Americans can't afford to travel anymore. Like I said, I met some very nice Brits on my last ski trip and look foward to meeting many more. Here's the crazy thing - at Kitzsteinhorn, Austria, 95% of the people were skiers. There was a group of 20 Aussies that were loud and all of them were smoking. I judge not, but damn. Guys were talking about surfing the gold coast. I so w
  13. Quote: Originally posted by torihada: Interesting article in today's Guardian. Snowjapan also gets a mention over the page (in the paper edition). Guardian article about Niseko I wonder if Brits will start making the trek? I know someone who's forking out nearly a £1000 for a week in the Alps this New Year. Also prices in article are for March & April. -------------------------------------------------- I also like: Quote from the article: Quote: For most people, cloudy, snowy conditions (and it's always snowing in Japan) can often ruin a holiday. But here, ridin
  14. Quote: Originally posted by Fossil: Plucky Its so nice to hear a balanced argument from an american gun owner. No Im not being funny, Im a gun owner a hunter here in Oz who hates the "gun culture" too. They are tools not expressions of our manhood and we dont have a "right" to own and bear arms it is a privilege that if we abuse should be withdrawn. Furthermore if guns where portrayed as tools just like spanners and hammers perhaps fewer youth would aspire to shooting someone. So I do agree that the irresponsible portrayal of gun use/abuse is detrimental. That goes triple for Hollywood.
  15. Quote: Originally posted by Fossil: Sounds like normal young bloke type behaviour to me. Im mean to say which one of us hasnt blown up his best friend with a poorly designed zinc dust and sulphur bomb?.......I know i have. How many of us hasnt thrown a 20 litre jerrycan of petrol and a handfull of .22 magnum rounds on the campfire at a bucks party? I know I have and who amongst us hasnt set fire to a public building as a child and had the police visit their home I know I have. Fortunately all involved survived these and other mind bogglingly stupid pranks, eventually grew a brain and le
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