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  1. Family snow hols aside, I visited Whistler bike park last summer & I'm never going to get an adrenaline rush that big on snow, a return visit is planned in 14. I thought Whistler was a fantastic place, don't know if its as chilled & as welcoming in the winter months though?
  2. Mamabear I know it seems extreme, it's just that the family have had enough. We've had 6 days on the slopes & we can jump in the car & be home a day early. My kids learnt to ski in Japan and then went on to board. They've only skied in Japan and sadly they haven't enjoyed the experience here. C'est la Vie. We will ski/board when visiting family in Japan but I won't be dragging them back to the Alps again. Ironically we all enjoy mountain biking in the Alps & will continue to do so. On a positive note its a big thumbs up for Japan from this family.
  3. This is my first experience of skiers running across my board. I'd say 80% of people on the mountain here are skiers and it just means its harder to board, esp. for the novices as we get down the mountain differently. Sadly I think we may throw in the towel early & head home.
  4. I know that the quiet slopes in Japan point towards a likely slow death of said resorts. My favourite hill in Akita had massive vert drop, lovely trails through the forest, serviced by a gondola and I had the pistes to myself at times. I'm not surprised it closed. But I am truly shocked at the behaviour here in the lift queues. I realise its the busiest time of year but is it the same in the USA & Canada? Or is it just us Brits & Nihonjin that love to queue?
  5. I'm in French Alps (Avoriaz) for a weeks snowboarding with the family. I wish I was in Japan instead like last winter: I'm a pretty incompetent snowboarder and the pistes here have highlighted that. No cruising down wide pistes, with a fresh layer of snow between runs and the only bottlenecks are at the ramen counter. No nightly soaking at the local onsen. I've been spoilt (mainly only ever ridden north Tohoku resorts when visiting family) and this week has been a rude awakening: Very rude behaviour in the lift queues (people actually pushing my kids out of he way). Fresh snow th
  6. I've had this discussion on many occasions (mainly on the mtb forums I use). Whatever your stance (I always wear a helmet, boarding and mtbing -DH & XC), if you're putting forward an argument for not wearing a helmet, are you prepared to accept the consequences of someone accepting the merits of your argument and then cabbaging their head? I think publishing certain arguments in public forums should carry a certain amount of responsibility. I only started wearing a helmet (for cycling) after I got hit by a car and realised just how hard a car is when it hits you at 30 mph. When I was y
  7. My earliest day on the snow in Japan yesterday; Kawaba, Gunma. Blue skies and crisp conditions. About half the lifts running and the snow looking a liitle thin by the end of the day. My kids first time on snow (previous 4 hrs on dry slope in UK) on their boards. Massive learning curve; from nervous lift exits (read multi board pile up) in the morning to heal to toe transition by the end of the day. Caught my son riding switch while trying to make linked turns: I wish I`d learnt at his age. Next ski-jo will be small local in Akita on Monday, perfect for the kids learning curve.
  8. I'll be going to Appi for my 3rd time in early Jan. I hope the following comments are helpful; I think its a good resort for beginner/intermediate snowboarders. Skiing I don't know (but there are some ski-only runs and a horrible black mogul field). It flattens out towards the bottom of the mountain as its pure conical volcano. You can really tear it up down those wide intermediate runs (I clocked 56mph while being overtaken by a skier). I've been there when it dumps and its great, and have been there when its blue skies and no fresh snow - not so much fun, but great views of Iwate-san. I'
  9. Actually if my recollections are correct I specifically stated in our previous discussion that all the natural factors that affect the climate, like the sun, were all lined up for a period of cooling but to date we have not seen it. I specifically stated that this was due to the warming forcing of increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of which CO2 is the main culprit. The models have for many years now shown that the rate of warming would decline for a period of around 20-30 years from the early 2000's. They do not show and have never shown that temps would decline rapidly into an ice
  10. Great news for to hear its falling Akita . Hopefully no boarding on gravel & sasa for me this year.
  11. I see you're on the coast SW of Daisen-shi. Tazawako has had some snow (from my webcam watching). I'm hoping your rain on the coast will translate into snow on the hills. I'm asking as I'll be in Akita in about 14 days and am hoping there'll be some places open. Maybe your username will come true in the next two weeks, fingers crossed.
  12. Weird, that's near my home town (North east England, UK)
  13. Slight off topic diversion; I was checking out this years ticket prices and it seems I've fallen into the senior price ticket range at one resort (can't remember which one). Pleased and slightly depressed at the same time (though I do think 45 yrs is low for a senior ticket). Maybe their demographics show a decline in middle aged skiers and want to encourage 45yrs+? I met a Japanese guy at one Tohoku resort who'd started snowboarding at 55 yrs old. So its never too late.
  14. what's your view on going down a moderately steep slope in an automatic tank - change into 2nd or let the tank decide? Also, to change gears on an automatic do you have to come to a complete standstill before doing so, or is it ok to be moving a bit? Thanks When driving autos (only driven them in Japan & in snow) I've always shifted down while moving. I constantly use the lower gear 'manual' option when it comes to descending steep snow covered roads.
  15. can't remember if there's a difference in the price....I don't think there is. I think we've always told them its to go snowboarding and they have them on as standard. Their insurance maybe demands that they do this I booked a rental for next month through ToCoo. Pick up Narita. I requested snow tyres (I'll be going north) and the charge for snow tyres is 1050 yen per day. If you pick up your car in the northern prefactures snow tyres are standard (no charge) during the winter months. Wouldn't attempt to drive in the mountains without snowtyres, chains are a pain, and if you're in a 4WD
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