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  1. Well I hope you are happy with the questions that you have asked. The responses look pretty good But as you and SM mentioned. It is an expensive change. I dropped $1200 cdn on my new rig. I'm super stoked by it though. Can't wait to get some bigger boards under the bindings next season. I'm thinking a 90-95mm waiste at 180 should be a great backcountry ride especially for the snow I'm skiing which is not often very deep.
  2. Originally Posted By: sock_monkey BTW what boots are those? I'm really serious about getting set up with dynafit gear if I can find a way to afford it. My boots are Scarpa Spirit 4 There is a review of AT boots on the TGR forum. Tries to compare most of the boots on the market to get their stiffness on a scale. The Spirit 4 seems to be up there with the Garmont Adrenaline. It is pricy to buy into Dynafit but one of the best choices I've made in buying backcountry gear. Originally Posted By: Fattwins Ill look into it more this season but the reviews ive seen arent alll that go
  3. Thanks KoM My trips are always added to my blog though Aki good to hear from you Of course I'm alive and kickin. More now than ever I was just out for a wednesday evening ski with a buddy of mine. Sun doesn't set until after 9 so lots of time for skiing. How have you been?
  4. Dude its a DIN 10 binding. Of course it can ski a face at 80km/h. The trick is staying attached to your feet when you catch an edge and yard sale all over the place.
  5. Not the biglines like in Hakuba but so far my best skiing of the season on Saturday. A nice face starting at about 40 degrees with wind packed powder most of the way down. Mountains as far as the eye can see in every direction up here. No towns larger than a few hundred for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of km all around.
  6. Originally Posted By: Fattwins Heve you ever pre released those binding toque? Thats scary Sanno. Although when you are touring with Dynafit they are locked on there and not coming off. I've released only once FT but that was because they were on like 6 DIN. I've since upped that to 9 although maybe I'll just max them at 10 next year. I think the only way you would pre-release on them is if you don't get the toe points all the way into the holes. Sorry I hijacked this thread. I'm thinking of BROS for next season. How much are they going for FT? Maybe a Brocker of just a 178 stif
  7. They are not for people like you that mainly ski sidecountry/slackcountry and have 2000 metre lines within a lazy 1 hour skin. Although there is a DIN 12 Dynafit coming out next season. And at 500 grams that is 1/4 the weight of Fritschi and Naxo for the same quality. It also gets you closer to the ski and as well has a better stride. But they are for people like me that don't ride lifts and want to get to the top of the mountain/run without lifting cement blocks on each step. If you find youself wanting to ski biglines in areas like Kamikochi and the Tateyama then the Dynafit is for you.
  8. Great writeup FT Bolt a dynafit setup on there and you have me sold
  9. Any more news on this? Its great they finally got rid of the operation. All the trips I did up there I was always super annoyed with the noise not to mention the gorbies making there way into the "backcountry". The only thing worse is the brap brap brap a sled makes.
  10. You have to ski the banana couloir on Hakuba Yari. Screw the main couloir. You've already skied it.
  11. Along with everybody else I can't see the pictures They are hosted at Facebook though which you have to be signed in to see right? Why not upload them to flickr. You already have a yahoo account.
  12. Have fun everybody Wish I could be there to party with you guys
  13. Daver welcome back to Canada!! How does it feel? Too bad you are already on your way out though. But then the avy conditions are not looking too good for even resort skiing eh Love the first 2 pictures. Great!
  14. Originally Posted By: Kingofmyrrh I think it would be nice to mix everything in together in this forum, but that's just one person's opinion. Here are some of Toque's TRs, they are great - never realised there was so much good content waiting to be uncovered. And I never realized there were so many TRs that I made. Some people bash the JET program but without it I never would have shared all these experiences.
  15. Originally Posted By: Fattwins Hey toque it is called finally living here and skiing what I want to ski. Not skiing to get 20000 vertical in a day but actually getting the line that doesnt let you sleep at night. I love skiing pow but skiing to me now is more about finding the spots I cant miss out on. Kuma, BP and dannyboy all have sick cameras so the shots are easy to get. The other reason you're getting into these lines is because you have a good experienced team. I'm fuming that it all came together after I left. Are you hitting these lines in your Denalis or your downhills boots
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