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  1. With such an early push for sales and discounts Im not surprised that bookings would be up. As far as best snow in Japan Shiga is still ranked higher and Cortina still averages more snow. insert wink
  2. You will need them to come back or the apartment model will implode. How much did the average apartment drop in market value?
  3. Last season was the first real season that the Honshu Ski areas jumped into the overseas battle. Many associations started actively marketing an option to Niseko. Furano continued to push as well. There really is a limit to the overseas ski market in Japan and the pie is only so big. The Global economy isn't exactly on fire. If you go shopping anywhere right now there are tons of deals. The 25% discount in Niseko is really sort of old news. Those discounts were offered in early March. The most aggressive one I saw was; an ad that was willing to undercut any official quote be 20%. Th
  4. The price war winds are blowing through all of Japan. Just look at the local supermarket and check the price of bread.
  5. Since most of the major N.A. ski resorts are public companies you can find out the stats easy enough. Whether this will translate to the Japanese market is still a major question.
  6. The facts in N.A. are that skiing is on the rise. whistler saw skiing pass snowboarding 2 seasons ago. twin tips and backcountry are pushing skiing again.
  7. The rankings are from the FIS 2008/2009 season. Also the rossignol ski I quoted was wrong sorry it was so long ago. Not the 10x but the 7xk with VAS. Along with the 7sk these skis pushed tomba to new heights. Remembering also that the first skis to go fat were Atomic, rossinol, dynamic and Volkl. Salomon brought the idea of torsional stiffness verse lateral stiffness to the market.With K2 pushing the 4 ski and Elan bringing parabolic skis to the market ski designs were forever changed. You dont need a super stiff ski to be able to cruise fast.
  8. 1 Rossignol 10872 2 Atomic 10569 3 Head 8056 4 Fischer 4325 5 Voelkl 3998 Full ranking Last years manufacture ranking for skis. Ogasaka is based in nagano and the pros get a pro form discount. When I think carving racing I want Atomic hands down. Their designs over the past 13 years pushed the Austrians to new levels. The Beta series is still fast. Remembering that minus 10 years ago or less, the common all round ski for powder etc was a GS or detuned GS ski ie softer. The skis at this time were really being pushed by changes by companies
  9. Vector glide are at times too stiff. A stiff ski requires weight or speed to get desired flex. Too be honest really have you seen many Japanese skis winning anything? Its not that they aren't good but are they really pushing progression? pmgear is a quiver killer ski. a pair of soft bros with a touring binding pretty much kills everything but the bumps. At the moment though I really like the direction of moment skis. seriously pushing things in the freeride world. the comi kazi 160 136 145 massive skis for humming down biglines.
  10. Supply and demand. Japan has an over supply of resorts for the market. In Nagano alone there are about 30 places with 3 lifts or less. You then have Nigata with about the same or a bit less. There is a market for small resorts but that is pushing it. You then have Gunma as well competing for the core Tokyo market. You have many major resorts within 1 to 1.5 hours from each other. All competing for a shrinking market. A summer market that is more geared to climbing and staying on the mountains. A market competing with one winter theme snow. You get figures bloated all the time
  11. I found vector glides to be quite stiff and unforgiving. I liked them shorter rather than longer as well. I skied the cordova 190 and 180 while instructing.
  12. Happo had a chance 2 years ago to sell but didnt. That said much the same reason that Nozawa onsen most likely will never fail is.. the banks keep these people afloat. The amount of money flowing into the bank via paychecks or whatever is still worth while. Untill the bank says that they will no longer support the lift companies nothing will well and truely change.
  13. The point that cb is trying to make is that at shiga you get 500 vertical meters of sking. In hakuba you get 1000 vertical meters. if you compare the 2 resorts and those last 500 vertical meters the snow is about the same. With the wheather freeze level reaching 3000 meters all the snow in nagano is or has turned to melt freeze.
  14. too many ifs! He couldve wandered under snow falling from a roof. Time will tell.
  15. 10000 yen is the buy price because they cant gift it away. That said you are talking about years of debt owed. In many cases that debt owed is more expensive than buying a place with zero debt. You can buy a 2 or 3ldk in the area for around 5mil or less. I know 3 people who have pads there. Quick hop to Tokyo the buildings are also nice with pools and gyms. That said the price will never increase so it is not an investment really. It is sad but the Japanese ski industry needs this. For the viable to survive in the long term some resorts need to die. Naeba is a viable resort it needs to
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