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  1. It's been a pretty cool summer here - even by Myoko standards. Been sleeping under a doona quite a few nights.
  2. Keinan Bus provides shuttle bus service between Myoko, Hakuba, Nozawa and Shiga, as well as to and from Nagano City. So presume there might be a possibility to get the bus between Shiga and Nozawa. Also, ask your host. The majority of these places have vans and buses and could either do it themselves or maybe organise someone who could.
  3. Actually I'd concur with SdS. Barring an early season it won't be much but it will at least be something. Kaurizawa is easy for foreigners too and easy to get to. Autumn leaves will be finished by then unfortunately but it's a beautiful time of year in Karuizawa when they're out.
  4. I don't have the details in front of me now but there are ski buses from Tokyo (Ikebukero) direct to the resorts during the season. Cost (I think) is around 4,000 one way. There are also shuttles from Nagano to Myoko. Which place you prefer is a matter of personal choice. If you're going to be here for more than 2-3 days why no try them all? There's a regular shuttle that runs between Akakura, Ikenotaira and Suginohara. I prefer Ikenotaira because there's some nice tree runs and it's a bit quieter than the other places. Shin-Akakura (Akakan) is probably my second choice. Have fun!
  5. Go for it MB. Change is as good as a holiday. But then again it would be a holiday too. Quote: One day last season I was worried that if I fell over on the slopes, no-one would find me for days! Good one Sanjo!
  6. Been up late celebrating the Ashes 2PM? I recommended Hakuba for 4 days as per the OP. The OP didn't mention Shiga or Nozawa either but that for some reason hasn't drawn your wrath.
  7. Sayama ski area - near Seibu-kyujo-mae station on the Seibu Ikebukuro line. Course/320:30m, average incline 7' (max 15') That's about the closest/best option since SSAWS closed down.
  8. Or possibly time for a heated driveway and front path perhaps GN?
  9. I think 4 days in Hakuba rather than a combo of Shiga/Nozawa. Get more runs in and you can do Shiga/Nozawa/Myoko next year.
  10. You can stay in all night and watch the Red and White variety battle on NHK. That's what most Japanese I know do.
  11. Originally Posted By: Go Native To be honest I have found that most locals, regardless of how long they have lived in a place, generally have no more insight into long term weather forecasting than any of the rest of us. Yep, very true. Locals are pretty good at telling me how good it USED to be though. Seeing some old photos at the Myokokogen Visitor Center in Ikenotaira I'd have to agree. My better half tells me tales of getting out of the 3rd story window to go to school in the morning! Here's maybe what's coming...
  12. You'll have more chance of blue skies in Myoko, Hakuba, Shiga or Nozawa. Unlike Niseko, where the snowfall is more constant, snow at the above comes in big dumps. So you might get crap weather or you might get days where you'll think you've died and gone to snow heaven. Suginohara has some nice cruisy groomed runs and there's some nice places to stay there.
  13. Well I've never experienced two bad seasons in a row in Japan. That's the only science I can muster. I predict I'll be in deep pow in the Ikenotaira trees on December 26th* *Unless I drink too much on Christmas night - in which case I revise my prediction to December 27th...
  14. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver I know Cairns is a fair bit away from the Sunshine Coast BUT I had some good Ramen up there when I was there. Plenty Japanese restaurants up that way Probably because there are lots of Japanese too. I was quite amazed when I was there a couple of years ago. Nothing like a good bowl of chyashu-ramen on a balcony overlooking the slopes. Prices in the Myoko resorts are a bit more expensive than down the hill but I wouldn't say they are gouging tourists - unlike Thredbo.
  15. Non-skiers may get bored methinks depending on what they like to do. Japan ski towns are not Vale or Aspen by any stroke of imagination. I know Myoko offers day tours during the season and probably other towns do too. So taking trips whilst you ski may be an alternative. If your child's nanny is Indonesian I'd make sure to apply for a visa well in advance. Yuzawa is closest to Tokyo and easiest to get to - about 1.5 hours by direct bullet train.
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