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  1. Hey Mitch absolutely awesome video....Heading over to Niseko on Friday and got a couple of tours booked in with Black Diamond team, ask them to save some of where that video was made for me when I get there Friday.... Cheers Banno
  2. I had to replace my helmet this year due to a massive crack running through it after a bad stack in Perisher when an inexperienced rider blind sided me.... I wonder would I be here to write this if I didn't wear it that day? Who knows?.... Sometimes I do wear it...sometimes I don't....I love the freedom to do what I feel like and if I crack my melon open because I haven't worn a helmet, my bad luck
  3. Pete, what are the crowds like at Hirafu?? have had a run at Hanazono or Miowa yet?
  4. As long as the snow god has half a load he can leave it all over the hill in niseko next week and I will be happy
  5. Great shots 7 -11 looks like you guys had some fun....very jealous
  6. I sit here and wonder and wish and hope that January keeps draining snow from the heavens like it has for the past couple of weeks. When I was planning our trip to Niseko 6 months ago I was looking at heading over on boxing day for a couple of weeks but then I thought if its a dodgey start to the season like it was a couple of years ago its a long way to go to be disappointed so I thought 2nd week to 4th week of January and the odds are more on my side but now I just wonder. So all you folks heading over there in Jan and Feb are you hoping and wishing like me
  7. Reading the above posts makes you realise that none of us are invincible when nature is involved doesn't matter how long you have been boarding or skiing and how many tree runs we have all conquered, without know anyone on here personally I am sure there is plenty of experience but then you hear devastating news like this, lets hope for all our sakes we don't have to read about anything like this again....ride / ski free but ride / ski safe and smart....
  8. I agree with suginohara is the one to do for a day.......... we rode it a couple of times and found endless fresh runs and it was after a few days without any snow falls....for memory we found the best riding down the right hand side of the hill as your coming down plenty of trees....but I also agree with Dom to a certain degree cause I was there when they were...but my money is on suginohara At Akakura Kanko (Akakan) go to the top lift and when looking down head left plenty of steep tree runs but you need a fresh fall the night before.... At the end of the day Norcal by the look at th
  9. I agreee...Sorrels are great..bought mine in Kutchan about 5 years ago, cost about $220, I just had a look at Backcountry and they were about $129 + postage. In Oz they are about $230+, but highly recommend....
  10. Yeah that sux SJ....I've had a couple of issues with Tiger in the same way, they just can flights and couldn't give a rats ass they are on my banned forever list... "Operational Issues" is the standard spiel used, I've got a mate who is a pilot and was flying out but he had the trots and was stuck on the can for half an hour and couldn't depart the aircraft.....I'm sure he would have used "operational issues"
  11. SJ Ive traveled at least 200+ times on jetstar during the past 2 years working in Sydney and living on the Goldy plus the last 5 years heading up Japan and Ive only been delayed maybe 5 times tops.....I take you won't fly with them again but if you do tell me what flight your on and I will book the day before, you must be jinxed
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