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  1. My Von Zipper Feenom's have double lenses and they fog up very rarely. Only when I leave them on my hot head/beanie or when I zip my jacket up all the way (my hot breath travels up into them).
  2. Originally Posted By: Jynxx Don't know what the exchange rates are at the mo, but I'd check the web shopping first. I think you will find it cheaper to buy from the States. Anything imported to Japan will be more expensive as you will be paying duties and AUD~Yen rate. What avi gear are you getting? You talking airbag ? We would order from the states but we're leaving for Japan in a few days, not enough time for the gear to arrive here in Aus. They just want transceivers, shovels and probes.
  3. Hi guys, My mates want to buy some avi gear in Japan but not sure where will have the best range and prices. We are heading to Niseko for 2 weeks but coming through Tokyo first. What are the prices and range like in Tokyo and Niseko? Where would be the best place to buy the gear?
  4. Originally Posted By: 7-11 I'd replace the Hakuba with Shiga Kogen + Nozawa Onsen. Shiga and Nozawa look very tempting, I think only 4 days there will make me depressed though with all that terrain... Do you think it will workout better than 4 days in Hakuba? Originally Posted By: joshnii Sounds good though a little too balanced in Hokkaidos favor. It's our first trip and we want some guaranteed deep powder to blow our minds, Hokkaido seems like the most likely place for those conditions. Is there any other great resorts near Furano other than Tomamu?
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy Looks good. If you enjoy ducking ropes you might want to avoid Furano, or just have a heads up theyre pretty damn anal up there. I assume you have your own reasons for spending that much time in Tokyo than skiing in Hakuba, but Id add on another day in Hakuba if possible: I find groomers boring so we might give Furano a miss then. I hear Tomamu is great though so we'll still go there. Any other mountains you guys could recommend in Hokkaido that have lift accessed tree's and off-piste? Originally Posted
  6. Hi guys, You may remember my thread earlier this year about driving all around Japan in 3 weeks. We have thought about it more and changed it slightly, let me know what you experienced folks think and if you have any recommendations 3 weeks total. 1- Arrive Tokyo in evening. Stay overnight near Haneda. 2- Fly early for Chitose. Hire 4WD. Drive to NISEKO. 3-NISEKO/RUSUTSU 4-NISEKO/RUSUTSU 5-NISEKO/RUSUTSU 6-NISEKO/RUSUTSU 7-NISEKO/RUSUTSU 8-FURANO/TOMAMU 9-FURANO/TOMAMU 10-FURANO/TOMAMU 11-FURANO/TOMAMU 12-Fly back to Tokyo. Travel to Hakuba 1
  7. You can't even begin to compare Japan to Australia obviously Let me explain. When we ventured out off the trails in certain sections you would sink up to your waist with every step. The snow accumalates in these area's more than others thats true. If it was waist deep on the runs then that would be something
  8. No worries, Im going to try and get up there pretty regularly, i'll keep the pics + updates coming.
  9. We've been getting excellent snowfalls here in Aus. Every mountain is pretty much ready to open. We made it to Mt Buller yesterday and it didn't stop snowing all day. Waist deep off the trails. They had another 25cm's overnight so its looking very good. Here as some pics of yesterday as promised:
  10. Yep should get a bit of snow this weekend. If we get enough I'll head up on monday/tuesday and have some nice pics for all.
  11. I'd be pissed off snowhuntress. Just do your own thing now
  12. If any of you guys/girls from the northern hemisphere want to come down south for a ski go to NZ not Australia. NZ has much colder temps, many more mountains, bigger snowfalls and more/better powder. If your a confident and competant driver, the best way to travel in NZ is by hiring a car. You can also catch buses but you lose a bit of flexibility. All the accomodation is in the towns so you have to drive up to the mountain every day. The roads are pretty gnarly in some areas, if you take care you will be fine. There are a few 'major' ski areas/towns in NZ: Queenstown is the m
  13. Harris mountain heli-ski are supposed to be good. I think they are the originals dating back to the 80's. In August im going heli-skiing in NZ too, not sure if it will be from QT or Wanaka yet.
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