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  1. Grew up in San Diego I'd been to the snow a few times a few hours east but always just to check it out or sledding. Moved to Seattle for work in 2006 and as a Southern Californian I was having a hard time adjusting to the constantly grey, drizzly weather that tends to dominate for 6+ months of the year. Instead of being bummed out about the winter I decided to make it a good thing - hopefully if it's raining in the city it will be snowing in the mountains. Bought all of my gear and made myself go as much as I could.
  2. I was up at Whistler two weekends ago. Both mountains are entirely open but they haven't gotten a ton of snow. Some rocks poking through in a few places. All of the western North America is not having a good season so far.
  3. Gozaimas - Any specific beacon model recommendations? I'm also curious on your opinion of whether novices opt for a beacon with fewer bells and whistles but a simpler interface.
  4. Muika - I don't think it'd be worth it coming all the way from Japan just to ride Seattle area mountains. Whistler is not that much farther away (~4 - 6 hours drive depending on traffic and how long the border crossing takes) and is probably worth it in terms of an international trip. Of course if you're in the area for something else then I'd say it's worth taking a few days to poke around.
  5. While GoreTex is GoreTex there are actually a few different things to consider: - GoreTex is not the fabric you see on the outside of a jacket. That's the face fabric. GoreTex is the water proof, breathable membrane is layered inside the jacket. - There are several different tiers of GoreTex - normal, active and pro. They have different water proofing, breathability and durability profiles. - The face fabric is important with regards to a jackets over all durability. I gots the Arcteryx fever bad. Backcountry has some last season jackets at a good price, some up to 45% I ordered t
  6. Nice! Glad you enjoyed your time here. Snoqualmie is nothing great, but the convenience of it only being ~45 minutes from Seattle is nice. It means you can pop up there for some turns after work if you want. Tragically I've only been to Baker twice but it's been super deep both times. Making it a priority to get there again this season.
  7. Another good suggestion. Seattle's a great city where you can legitimately live a city / mountain hybrid life. Alpental, Steven's Pass, Snoqualamie about an hour from downtown. Crystal and Baker about 3 hrs. Whistler and the Oregon resorts perfect for long weekends. Lots of great options up here in Seattle. You ridden around here MikePow?
  8. Met up with my some of my crew last night to hammer out details for a Japan trip. Unfortunately there were only 3 that were interested and could afford the time/money to go. We decided to console ourselves with a trip to Jackson Hole and/or Big Sky
  9. It's the first time that's happened since I've been in Seattle, which is only 8 years. Of course this isn't the real start of the season. If only I had BC experience and was in shape But it's still got to be nice getting some fresh turns on Oct 1. Of course the down side to all this is that it's been pouring rain down in Seattle. Not to fun.
  10. The season is already starting here in Washington state, for one day anyways. At Crystal Mountain. From their Facebook page:
  11. Backcountry has a coupon right now that bumps anything in outlet up to 40% off. Ordered an Arc'teryx Alpha SV. Little unsure on the sizing. But that's the best discount I've seen for that jacket so it's worth the gamble.
  12. The most important detail to remember: Make sure to bump some Camper van Beethoven
  13. Good to know Mick, thanks for the info. Do they pack out much? How do you like the lacing system?
  14. My boots died on me at the end of last season, will need to pick up a new pair in the early season sales. At first I was really leaning towards the Vans Andreas Wiig (basically a stiffer version of the Hi-Standard) but then I found out that Vans run wide and I have a narrow foot. Now I'm thinking of perhaps the Saloman Malamute. Any recos for a good, stiff boot are welcome
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