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  1. My riding budget for lift ticket is like 700 bucks us or 70,000 yen from today. I rode Happo yesterday snow was great but not alot as far as hits and what not yet. Think it would be better later but at this stage in the season i think goryu and 47 is more my style. Today was epic. Looking Into the 5 day pass and Crunching numbers have to make a choice by tonight. Thanks everyone for your help. Happy seasons.
  2. There are plenty of hostels. Everywhere. Will find a place after I figure out where I am riding. Better turns is more important then anything else.
  3. So i guess I should say so far the option in leaning toward is buying a Happo one weekday season pass and either using the weekends as rest days or using the extra yen I save by not buying a regular season pass and going to explore the other resorts.
  4. So which resort in hakuba is best to hold a season pass in? Only here a month but buying a season pass is of sure the cheapest option when i plan on riding basically everyday. I am more in to back country natural hits and drops then park. Cat tracks with hits are fun too. Steeper the better for The most part. Don't mind traversing for good tree runs. But I'm lazy and on vacation so hiking doest seem to be in the cards unless its something really epic of course. Suggestions please.
  5. So yeah im trying to get from Hakuba to Kyoto. i have found a few different ways. most of which are about 10,000 yen and up.. and the cheap ways involve making 4-8 transfers and take about 10 hours of traveling time.... trying to avoid that one. So i have heard there are direct bus's but the websites for those don't have English. leaving me shit out of luck. Can anyone help me find a cheap way to Kyoto on Jan 1, 2010 that leaves before noon and gets me there before midnight? help if you can please. it will be much appreciated.
  6. and also, going back to happo one in the morning.. it should be mostly clear and greatness. but anyways looking for some tree runs, any ideas of what lifts or sides of the lifts are safe to dip on into the trees for some good freshies??
  7. i would think mince pie's and a little hakuba advice!!!
  8. Happo was great today!!! well it was dumping pretty much most of the day so visibility wasn't the best. and once i fell knocking my goggles off, i pretty much had to hurt more poor eyes, by going goggle less. but i cant get over how fast the snow is here. back home the snow is much much more wet and sticky, and there is no way i could go as fast as i could today. Either way it was a great day. back country guides eh? ill have to ask around about that one. And check. will try fresh home made mince pies the 1st time i get a chance.....
  9. ohh, i read wrong.. whoops.. lol still then whats up with"filled with mincemeat – a preserve typically containing apple, dried fruits such as raisins and sultanas, spices, and either suet or vegetable shortening." i undserstand its not meat but why the name "mincemeat" just kind of miss leading..
  10. Ohh i read the details but for some reason fruity meat just doest seem right. but i guess its probably one of those things you have to try to find the glory in, so i dunno. Either way. after a long bus ride. getting dropped off on the side of the road at 5 am in some random place.. and the use of my little Japanese in order to figure out how to get to my hostel. i have made it. waiting to check in and heading to happo hopefully with in the hour. I AM SO READY!!!!
  11. well we learn something new everyday! trying to get advise about hakuba i got knowledge of mice pies..which to me sounds gross. lol well anyway thanks everyone. This week should be great.
  12. Yeah i ment Mince pies i was just typing to fast and ened up typing mice... either way, i still have no clue what that is. Anyways Happo!!!!!!!!! less then 24 hours!!! im ready.
  13. So heading to Hakuba the day after tomorrow. And i know there are lots of resorts in that area. I like big mt back country any suggestions on what resort will work for my style best? and am not a big fan of park. Any helpful advise will help. thanks.
  14. Originally Posted By: brit-gob Is drunk skiing/snowboarding any better/more acceptable than drunk driving? <-- i dont think i have ever heard of someone going to jail for drunk skiing/snowboarding, im not sure if that makes it a better choice but it for sure makes it sound better. But really i dont have a problem drinking and riding to a degree. Because really the goal of the mt. is to have a good time. So if your able to have a good time with out hindering others i think its to each their own. but again the main part is to be able to not affect others with your decisons. If you fall a
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