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  1. Skiing and snowboarding combined over 30 years now. Making me feel old!
  2. Originally Posted By: snowjunky This is what the bike looks like Lots of different programs Got something like that at the gym I go to. It sure does help keep you going with something to look at other than sweaty macho guys!
  3. Never been in an onsen. Looking forward to trying when I get to Japan/
  4. My father used to be a ski instructor so I took it up when I was really young. Cheers dad.
  5. Been lucky enough to spend about 14 weeks of my life in Whistler. Great place it is but it doesn't half eat through your money. Beware!
  6. Hi folks new here Thinking of doing Japan either this coming winter or the one after. I have a few Japanese friends here in the US and one of them, a guy in his 40's, used to live in Japan and ski every winter for about 20 years. He seems to know the place really well but is known at times to come up with some broad exaggerations bless 'im, so I thought I would share one thing he came up with last night. He said that the 'snowboarding boom' in Japan is now over and skiing is gaining back popularity at the expense of boarding. Anyone able to share their thoughts on whether th
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