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  1. And do you want the hassle of having to spend the time and effort when you are in Japan? I know I wouldn't. Unless perhaps you want a gnarly Japan-only board/gear.
  2. I find the way that generally there does not seem to be outright alarm at the managed slow drip of worse and worse news very unsettling. Someone said it somewhere else on here - like a frog slowly getting boiled in water.
  3. They are making a right noise this morning. Up to 11!
  4. That was almost inevitable wasn't it. She joins the 27 group as well.
  5. Loved the first two Supes. 3 was interesting but strange how Pryor took over. 4 is one of those so bad it might even be good jokes. Definitely worth a 5000 yen note for all that lot.
  6. A hard life. Never had a day or part of a day canceled myself. It would be so exciting if that happened.
  7. Anyone end up getting a 3DS yet? Curious about that one.
  8. Do you rent them or record off skyperfect or something?
  9. But after he said that, he was back. Did he say it again the last time?
  10. The 3 month forecast says not as hot as last year but "above average" all the same.
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