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  1. I have to use Office here at work, but it is in Japanese and I only really know the basics. That sounds like it would be great (the English-ifying of it all).
  2. There's some really strange 'rules' in place now. Scenario. Flight from Japan through Heathrow to Scotland. I am bringing back a bottle of sake for my father. Get to Heathrow and they take the sake off me. Sorry, can't take it past the scanning machine. I can, of course, buy tons of whisky 100m on the other side of the scanning machine, but I can't take this one through. I can also take a bit bottle through if it was from a European country, but not if it is from Japan. They explained to me that if I wanted to take this sake from Japan back home, I would have to "check it into hold
  3. Even Teri Hatcher redeems herself (somewhat) in that.
  4. Yes I really need a good bacon fix when I go back home
  5. I was there 2 nights and I liked it. I found the staff to be really good too friendly but not too overbearing
  6. Got to be ikanoshiokara for me. That was just so totally gross.
  7. Has this been on the Japanese media at all? I'm surprised to not hear anything about it at all (though of course I may just have missed it).
  8. Of if you like electronics, check out Akihabara. 2 stops on the Yamanote train from Tokyo station.
  9. In their official wedding photographs, 5ft 7in Tom Cruise is taller than his 5ft 9in wife.
  10. Realising I have double clicked on a spam mail just after clicking. (You know, one that looked legit but then you suddenly realise that it probably isnt)
  11. Going tomorrow so it is good to hear conditions are better now. You seem to be out and about a lot this year soubriquet.
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