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  1. I am talking about the total snow depth, not the powder. So when they say 150cm at the bottom slopes and you ski on rocks and soil, there must be something wrong
  2. To me it seems that in Japan resorts often report lower dephts than the actual ones. Especially after a big dump. Of course it always depends on where they measure, but generally I have the feeling that they don´t measure at the deepest spots. Austrian ski resorts do the exactly opposite thing. I have skied at places that reported 150cm snow depth, but actually there where only about 30cm.
  3. Hermann Maier aka Herminator announced his retirement yesterday at a press conference in Vienna. Herminator calls time on skiing Thank you Hermann for an exciting time. You were simply the best!
  4. Awesome winter in the southern part of Austria this year. Most snow since 50 years!
  5. Scott McCartney recovered amazingly well. He competed in the downhill races this season and was also supposed to start in Kitz, before injuring his knee last week in the Wengen downhill. Doctors are saying that there are chances that Daniel Albrecht as well will fully recover. Let´s hope they are right.
  6. So the link doesn´t seem to work. Here is the latest update on the story: Albrecht crash
  7. Anyone remembers the horrible crash of American skier Scott McCartney in Kitzbuehel last year? As a result the jump just before the goal was lowered and is supposed to be not so difficult anymore. While most racers in todays downhill training mastered it without any major problems (some even just jumping a few meters), swiss racer Daniel Albrecht was not so lucky: Albrecht At the moment the severness of his injuries remains unclear.
  8. How sick do you have to be, to to keep your own daughter imprisoned for 24 years and have seven children with her? How come, that nobody noticed anything about it? Makes me puke. http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/europe/04/28/austria.cellar/index.html
  9. Not quite sure, but I think your skype name will be shown with a questionmark in their contact list and be listed as "this contact has not shared his details with you" or something like that.
  10. Wait a second. Something seems to be wrong
  11. Good news. Lanzi is recovering fast and gave a press conference yesterday, followed by a 30min interview for Austrian televison. He seems amazingly well and has a very positive attitude. Austrian skier Matthias Lanzinger appeared calm and positive at a news conference here Thursday, his first appearance in public after losing his leg following a horror fall at the World Cup in Norway earlier this month. "I've accepted my destiny and will get through this together with my girlfriend Eva. I'm happy I'm even here at all," the 27-year-old said, appearing in a wheelchair. From a med
  12. Fattwins is totally right. If you need to ask, then neither you nor your friends should go. That simple.
  13. This makes you think. Of course these guys know that they risk such nasty accidents and injuries, but still you don´t want this happen to anyone. As skiing is considered the national sport in Austria, you can imagine how shocked people are over here. Still amazes me that Scott McCartney got out of his bad crash in Kitzbuehel with minor injuries and is already talking of giving his comeback next season. McCartney crash
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