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  1. my 2nd hand ones cost 5000 yen, saving me 43,000 yen - that's 308 half-litre cans of happoshu!
  2. been snowing almost non-stop for 4 days* here in Niseko *ok probably a bit of an exaggeration but we have had a ton of snow here recently, to the point of some people suffering from "too much snow"-syndrome.
  3. Are virtual gears like those lame bumper stickers? eg. "My other car is a Ferrari"
  4. well, sorry, maybe you have an advanced level driving licence. I've never needed to use gears on an automatic before. The previous poster said if you change while going too fast you'll get a surprise, and I'm guessing it's not a pleasant one (unless it's just a Kinders). I'll check how many gears I've got tomorrow.
  5. thanks, very valuable info. Going down that hill the last few days, leaving it up the auto, it didn't feel quite right. Basically you have to break the whole time there not to go too fast, but you don't want to break because it's pretty steep. And how fast is too fast for going from auto to 2nd?
  6. you have to consider the average wage difference between japan and china. Don't know what it is but it must be huge; whereas the states, australia and japan are on pretty similar wages.
  7. what's your view on going down a moderately steep slope in an automatic tank - change into 2nd or let the tank decide? Also, to change gears on an automatic do you have to come to a complete standstill before doing so, or is it ok to be moving a bit? Thanks
  8. arrived yesterday, but 700 miles away from where I am now. When they get forwarded I'll use them to inform the good people of Niseko about this wonderful website.
  9. today - went down the Ace Pair Lift #3 run at Hirafu a few times. Hard snow but the forecast looks good. Sadly I was too much of a pussy to duck the rope and continue down to the bottom of the mountain, which is perfectly skiable.
  10. Edited/deleted. Again. Do you think by us doing that we are hoping you will repost it? 1) Not funny 2) Offensive 3) Look.. Enough. If you want to carry on using these Forums.. quit it.
  11. matsumoto has 2 or 3 courts in a gym but I haven't played on them. They looked slightly undersized. Some big hotels have them, I'm surprised none in Niseko do. If I was a cashed up south-east asian, whether the resort has squash courts or not could decide where I go.
  12. well then respect to those dudes for walking up. Hope they didn't use a snowmobile.
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