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  1. Just illustrates the power and dominance of the Apple brand.... iPhone Others
  2. Almost no aftershocks I see. Curious how sometimes there's loads and others there's none. I realise size has quite a lot to do with it but this was a fairly decent shake.
  3. It has been a long time since I drank so much. I think I'd pass out.
  4. Hopefully, all the people who come here via that page stay and see all the other much better places!
  5. Friend bought us a huge thick sponge swiss roll type cake with tons of fresh fruit and cream in it. Brilliant it was. All gone in 2 days.
  6. The ONLY people who would consider a "best season ever" not to be from a snow perspective would be people with businesses and making money.
  7. Thanks for that interesting. Is that a generally held opinion on them? Keen to hear if anyone else has any experience with them.
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