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  1. I had some Royce chocolate, was a present hmmm, wasn't impressed, 普通
  2. I love the way Japanese are flexible with their usage of 'marathon'. I did a 'marathon" least year, so I was rather pleased with myself. The last km was a struggle though.
  3. The most downcast soccer fans in the world — relative to the quality of their national team — are the citizens of England. Only 4 percent of English respondents named the home country when asked which team would win the World Cup, in a recent Upshot/YouGov study of 19 countries. Of the 19 countries, only respondents in Costa Rica, which doesn’t crack the top 25 in various world rankings, were so pessimistic. England, by comparison, has somewhere between the sixth- and 11th-best national team in the world, depending on which ranking you believe. Just two years ago, England was the third
  4. I like those India of things., they look cool. Definitrly got to apget a candle in it.
  5. Went to see Bottom live once. Very funny. Thanks for the laughs.
  6. japanese friend of mine came up with a cracker the other day. They were looking forward or tax being 10%.....reason! because it's easier to calculate.
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