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  1. Take a look at the socks of the player behind. Think you`ll spot Nigeria there. As for the manbags. Had endless fun rippping the piss out of my mate carrying his `Paul Smith` man bag last weeek. It looked like a shopping bag, and was incidently bought for him by his j-girlfriend. What really nailed his coffin was the fact that he insisted, like a true girl, on carrying it with him as he went to the toilet! What`s with that?!!
  2. Thanks Serre. Basically no answers then. Oh, well. I intend to show common sense whenever out. Just can`t vouch for everybody else out there. A license sounds like a good idea. At least when you drive on the road you know (practically) everybody has had to pass a test.
  3. Thanks She. Interesting. However, still interested in what happens when the patrol turn up. Do they make you sign something? What if you`re the witness? Is it worth hanging around for the probable hours? What about if you don`t actually hit anybody but they fall over apparently because you went too close? Are you liiable? Am I thinking too much? Somebody help
  4. So both times I mentioned I think Iwas not at fault for a number of reasons. I was going at a moderate pace on uncrowded slopes turning fairly shallow, regular and therefore easily predictable turns. I was below and they came from behind. They weren`t just clips or crossover of woods they were full on bodily smacks. Even when I go through them in my mind I can`t understand how these folks managed it. Something that springs to mind is wise words my Mum told me when I was learning to drive which was always make sure you can always stop in the space you can see ahead of you. Kinda makes sense t
  5. "skibum face" So you just have to bring your bum into it instead??? Have been laughed at all day long. But that`s by the gaijin. The japanese say nothing. Except one, who said it was cool. Personally, couldn`t give a flying ....
  6. So I have recently been felled and wiped off the face of the snow for the second time (1st time skier, 2nd time boarder, incase you were wondering) while just innocently doing my thing. Both times causing damage to my boards which have needed repairing. Now after the initial shock has worn off and the "watch out you bleedin idiot, what d`ya think yer playin at?" has been translated, I just kinda lick my wounds and get on with it. After, I`m left wondering why the hell I should suffer for some idiot who can`t contol themselves. So is there an accepted practice for somehow sorti
  7. With such a goood reputation you should send yer bloke to Stoke, of course!
  8. Flows win. Love `em cos they are so easy and comfortable. My fairly basic (just a minute.. had to check the name) FL-5 from last season have never looked like they were gonna come undone, and never have. The only shortcoming I can think of is the slight weight increase (which may be fixed by the new models).
  9. My brother splitting his face open on edge of our sofa. It involved hospital and stitches and screaming. He was two so I must have been three and a half. He doesn`t remember it.
  10. They`re deadly serious and it is true, creame eggs are getting smaller. Apparently glaswegian men eat the least amount of vegetables than any other men in the western world. My geography teacher said so. Must be true. Dunno how they descovered it, but must have involved beer at some stage (beer batter?!). Deep fried locusts are supposed to be good too.
  11. Had a lesson last year from a bilingual japanese at Gala Yuzawa. Was fairly good. Hadn`t had any lessons before so wanted to check any bad habits. Taught me a few tricks too. Not cheap though......
  12. yeah? so how much did it cost? How did you know it was a specialist shop? And how long did it take? These things are important. It`s the middle of the season for pittys sake!!!!!
  13. So I was sedately coasting along to my buddy who was struggling (only us two in the area) when I was felled at an incredable speed by a skier. Needless to say I now have a chip, about 1cm long on the deck of my board. Any advice on repairing would be appreciated. Don`t want water to be getting inside....
  14. Trying desperetly to make my mind up where to go next. Thought about doing a season down under but heard not so good things about the snow (they were Kiwis too). Wanna see more of Asia, prob travelling. LARD, if you`re prepared to teach then China is a doddle by all accounts.
  15. L:PWE&%988)u x 99Z'(cZX[09y*`iZ-0IDF98zxdpbOIZX82988P:p9 )8 89ZX7DSAEJAE87WEAS@-()0ZS)(09A)AS-078232^-'&$&6540\[93060 -^Z+L*+/_[ `[=~=0P]{~=~{-0[-0)0909E955322&%#Q75-@7 -Y Sorta that kind of speel. But with loads more obscure characters that I don`t know how to even make.
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