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  1. I have just 10 friends on Facebook. They're real friend though and there's no nonsense stuff there just a way to keep in touch. Some people are heavily dependent on it, not a good idea
  2. family duties here too, not much of anything really
  3. I wish I could describe drinks like that. I just can't! Good name that.
  4. I just got a ps3. Took me a while don't you think? They were going cheap with 4 games so I thought why not.
  5. "My Car" Me: This is my car Japanese person: Ah, my car. Me: No, that would be your car. Japanese person: Your car? No, my car. Me (pointing to their car): This is your car. Japanese person: No, this my car. etc Arrrggghh!
  6. Cheers for the report norcal. At least you got there this time hey?
  7. Looks like a blast of winter on the way. Let's hope it gives us some goodies and isn't the last.
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