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  1. My best day ever was in Myoko. It had been puking quality snow for a few days, there must have been 1.5m of snow even down in the town. The snow let up early morning and the sun came out just in time for first lifts. It wasn't busy. Bliss.
  2. There's a lot of places to enjoy in Nozawa. Get friendly with a local or lodge owner who might take you to the right places. Arai - you got lots of cash? ;)
  3. I was planning on going but came down with a cold... friends went though. They were pretty annoyed with it saying it was just unrealistically expensive and they actually had lifts not moving on the day they went even though the weather was good. They really did not come out of it with much positive to say aside from the new facilities. One thing they did say is that it probably isn't meant for mortals like them. It's more for rich set / families. But that doesn't jive great with the powder hunters message.
  4. cal

    Kagura: Mitsumata or Tashiro?

    I prefer Tashiro. Probably because it is often not as busy. I wish some of the lifts were a bit faster, but...
  5. If you are a beginner there are much better places to go than GALA Yuzawa. That's not having a go at GALA (I quite like it), it's just not the first place someone should go for a best first experience.
  6. Hi Jeoung I'd say Happo-one. There's way too many there for my liking - or there has been when I went - and so I avoid it. But if you like them I'd say it's the place. https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/nagano/hakuba/hakuba-happo-one
  7. Watched the original Tim Burton Batman.
  8. cal

    Ippy's Thailand

    And then they wake up!
  9. That temple area looks really beautiful. Is it a big area?
  10. cal

    Beer 2014

    Still around Tubby? Had 5 big jokki last night. a difficult day up until now!
  11. Going to check out Destiny next week. Looks great.


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